Back today with a quick post…. a new playlist!!! This may just be my favorite one yet? For a while I had been skipping music and opting for audiobooks instead, but I love playing music with Jack now. We have special moments throughout the day where I love to just put on some fun background music for playtime and bath time. (He likes when I sing– and I’m sure that won’t last forever so, for now I’m eating it up!)

I wanted to note a couple of current favorite songs on the playlist… “Harvest moon” and “Donna.” I played “Harvest Moon” every morning while on Nantucket in October and it brings back all the feels for me. And then we had an amazing nurse named Donna when we got moved to the mother/baby recovery room– she was just the best and I think that’s what drew me to the Lumineer’s song. Now Jack and I listen to it every night for bath time!

You can listen here, or find the playlist in the widget below.

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She’s a Rainbow is my favorite Rolling Stones song. Such a great playlist! Harvest Moon is a special song to my husband and I. It was playing when our son was born. I went into labor at 36 weeks and hadn’t yet made a birthing playlist, so when it was time to push I asked my husband to put on a random playlist we had. We received many compliments from the nurses (it was a FULL house since it was the only birth that morning), but it wasn’t a birthing playlist. Guess it is now!