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One thing that has really been sparking joy for me lately is printing photos. I keep a folder on my phone with favorite pictures I want to print. I don’t do it nearly enough, but I am trying to get in the habit of printing one here and there versus feeling like I need to print 100 at once. It’s much more manageable that way… and it also makes me really hone in on favorites.

Most of the time I print them at Walgreens, but I’ve also been printing some through Artifact Uprising. Most are straight from my phone (versus a real camera). If you haven’t done this in a while, I can’t recommend it enough. It really makes me so happy to see some of the best memories scattered around our house.

Marble Scalloped Frame

This is also a very easy and thoughtful gift. I try to collect frames so I always have various size, shapes, and colors ready to go at the drop of the hat!! Even within our house, I try to mix up the sizes and materials– especially as I like to layer frames and they look best when they vary in sizes.

Honestly my favorite place to get frames is from HomeGoods and HomeSense. Whenever I go, I swear I walk out with at least one frame. I just went in for the first time since this winter and picked up three frames including a gorgeous silver bamboo 4×6″. And for splurge-worthy frames, I LOVE Williams-Sonoma’s selection.

Rounding up a few other faves that you can buy online:


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Kathryn W

Great idea! At my photographer’s suggestion I printed a wedding book through MPix, but we don’t have any framed pictures in the house. I never heard of MPix before, but I was blown away by the quality. I’ve also had some vacation pictures taken on DLSR printed and framed by Framebridge. I’ve had a few less-than-stellar printing jobs at Walgreens and think it’s worth splurging on good prints (e.g., Walgreens won’t tell you if a phone picture isn’t formatted for printing in a certain way. I ended up throwing my Christmas cards directly into the trash without sending them).

Sarah in VT

Totally agree about MPix. The BEST quality! It was also recommended to us by a professional photographer.


I’ve had some travel photos printed over the last couple of months for scrapbooking and I have to agree, there is something special about holding a print in your hand. I also have some other photos around that have been there a while but I still enjoy seeing them too and remembering those moments.


I just got into the habit of printing my own photos, and there really is something so special and nostalgic about it! It takes me back to the days when I’d accompany my mom to pick up our photos at Costco, and my sister and I would spend the drive home going through the stash!! I ordered prints from recently Amazon just for convenience, and I must say I was very satisfied!


I love! Quick q: When you print photos from your phone, do you notice a particular size of photo that works best to retain the quality? (e.g. not going above a 5×7, etc.)