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I’ve been spending so much more time at my desk. I know this sounds weird considering I have a dedicated office space. But here’s the thing. I usually end up working downstairs, particularly at our island, but now that Mike is working from home for the foreseeable future, he takes over the first floor. (Not actually, but since he’s on calls on and off throughout the day, it’s better for my working if I’m upstairs away from the conference calls ha!) And I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t spend the first few of months of the pandemic working from bed. Because I mostly worked from bed.

It started as a luxury… “Oh, nowhere to be? I’ll just answer emails with my morning coffee.” But then it became a habit and probably (er, definitely) not the best one. I also noticed that that one choice was bleeding into so many elements of my day. I was less inclined to work out, I felt sluggish. I got annoyed more easily by dumb work things… I think it just made me feel lazy. So while working from bed was a luxury, in excess it was not good.

Anyway. I’m back to my desk and really feeling so much better.

I try to keep my desk relatively clear of items– since I end up bringing so many things by the end of the day. (Seriously, I’ll have two water glasses, a sparkling water can, a bag of chips, and at least one coffee mug surrounding me when I’m finished with work.) That said, I love good “school supplies” to have on hand for organization and, well, motivation for organization!

Anyway, sharing some cute finds in case your desk (or kitchen table or lap desk or wherever you’re working these days) needs a little love.

Letter Opener // Acrylic Organizer // Personalized Wavy Notebook

Storage Boxes // Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Pom Pom Paperclips // Notecard Set // Striped Journal

Linen Spiral Notebook // Desk Calendar // Pens // Bulldog Clip Magnets

Weekly List Notepad // Leather Catch All

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Love that you call them “school supplies”.
I still call weeknights “school nights” : )


Our schools here in California have been closed down for at least fall session; since my daughter will be doing high school junior year at her room desk, I’m going to need to get it even more organized. I love your cute suggestions here. Thank you.


So fun and so cute! I love desk supplies to make my work space a little cozier!!! Plus, I can’t live without my planner!!


There’s not much else that #sparksjoy more than office supplies, ahha! I just got the variety notecard packs from Sara Fitz, and they have really elevated the desk space! Highly recommend, hah 🙂