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I’m feeling super drained this week. Can’t even pinpoint it to one thing but I’m just feeling exhausted. We’re heading back up to Mike’s family’s lake house next week and I may end up taking a few days off of blogging just to have some time away from my phone and computer. Going to play it by ear, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up if my blog is a little quieter next week!

My new little teacups! Kind of requires a bit of a treasure hunt but they’re Vista Alegre Ruban Blue cups and can be found on Ebay, Etsy, and from time to time!

In the meantime, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // NPR Interview with Arshay Cooper

I just finished Arshay Cooper’s book A Most Beautiful Thing. Of course, I’ll be sharing more of it when I do my end of the month reading round up, but in the meantime… highly recommend. It’s about his experience on the first all-Black US high school rowing team. He was just interviewed on NPR too!

TWO // Izzy Davis: The 2020 Pandemic Doll

A few people shared this Twitter thread with me and I loved it. The whole thing imagines what American Girl would make in 2055 for the 2020 historical doll. So genius.

THREE // Blue & White Dress for Preorder

My blue and white dress obsession is well-documented on here, so it’s probably no surprise that I couldn’t resist pre-ordering this blue and white dress. I’ve been living in comfortable “throw on” dresses, especially midi length ones lately. Love the scalloped trim touches… and the smocked back!

FOUR // Backyard Cutting Garden & Flower Studio

The One Room Challenge reveals get better and better every single year. My favorite from this year was hands down this cutting garden and flower studio by Cynthia Zamaria. The before and after is UNREAL. My favorite part (though it’s really hard to choose just one) is the stand inside with all the various props and vases.

FIVE // Gingham Cocktail Napkins

These (machine-washable) cocktail napkins with gingham trim couldn’t be cuter, right? Great idea to have tucked away for gifting (could work for everything from birthdays to housewarming). And they’re cute enough to be gifted as-is but would also work if you wanted a backdrop for some embroidery.

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Love the transformation of an ugly shed. What an inspiration. Those cocktail napkins, never to early to start Christmas gifts. Love them. The blue and white dress is so YOU. I am sure that some littles close buy would love the same dress. You could so make that. The tea set. Time for a British afternoon tea. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week off.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Hope you have a great trip to the lake house and do take some a few days off. Honor yourself. xo


That Izzy story line hit me surprisingly hard. So funny, so sad, and so spot on.

Grace Atwood

Catching up on your blog and just wanted to say I have been feeling the same – super drained and unmotivated!!! UGH! Sending good vibes your way. xo