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Like a lot of people, spending so much time in our house has made me go into a bit of a nesting mode. For the first couple of months, I was more into the organizing and deep cleaning side of things. And then most recently I went into “let’s finish some of these rooms” mode. Kind of like a maniac actually.

Thought I’d share some of the things I’ve recently purchased. Many won’t be here for a few weeks, but I think it’s going to make the house come together more. I will definitely share photos when things come together more. I think by September I’ll have a better photo-update.

(Side note: But I think it’s hard to tell what the “flow” of our house is, particularly the first flow, from photos. Earlier in quarantine I filmed a mini-walk through on my IG story that I saved to a highlight if you want to see!)

Seagrass Rug // I have neglected getting a dining room rug for the past year and finally bit the bullet. I ended up going with this one in a square– I think it makes the most sense for the shape of our room. And since the curtains will be printed I didn’t want to do any kind of pattern. Love that it’s trimmed with blue though.

Scalloped Light // Kind of a weird find, but I was searching for a simple flushmount with a little bit of character for my office. I really wanted something white and clean that will work when we (fingers crossed) use the room as a nursery down the line.

Clare Paint // FINALLY getting around to the guest room!!! This is the least done space in the whole house. Plopped furniture in from previous apartments and hung temporary shades and… that’s all I’ve done. I ordered paint samples for the room and I’m trying to figure out if I want to paint the walls white with blue accents throughout the space or paint the walls blue and keep the furniture very simple or do like white wainscoting with blue on top… May wait to get some more elements in before I commit!

Mughal Flower Curtains // This has been one of the purchases I put off because I didn’t know what I wanted. We have three windows in our living room and an extra wide window in our dining room… The rooms look bare without window treatments but I went back and forth four times on what would look best. I ended up doing eight panels (two for each window) so the two rooms would flow and I’m really excited to see how this looks once they’re hung. Still waiting on delivery.

Striped Rug // Just adding a rug to the guest room is baby step one! Loving this one. I had a similar rug in my old Connecticut apartment. It’s so comfortable and soft.

Bast Rug // I got this for my office and I am OBSESSED. You can’t beat the price either. It’s such a good blue and I love the stripes. Also very, very soft. It’s Teddy approved… every time I can’t find him in the house, I end up finding him curled up on the rug and he never used to snooze in here without me!

Scalloped Sconce Shades // How. Amazing. Are. These. Right now the chandelier in our dining room just has the basic shades they came with. Once I decided on curtains, I knew I could mix up the shades a little bit. They haven’t arrived yet– but I’m already counting down the minutes. They’re shown with a seafoam green but went with a cornflower blue instead.

Scalloped Frame // I’ve been trying to get in the habit of printing photos more regularly. I have so many favorites that deserve to live IRL off my phone! Having frames on hand to fill has been key to putting them on display. I bought this one specifically for a photo from the weekend we got engaged… but it doesn’t work horizontally (too heavy). It’s SO stunning though and works perfectly vertically so I put our Christmas card photo from last year in it.

Throw // These throws aren’t recent purchases but I’ve gotten a lot of questions about them on my Instagram story this past week. Matouk makes gorgeous throw blankets but some of them can get pretty expensive. These are more reasonably priced and insanely soft. Highly recommend!

Roman Shades // After paper shades in our guest room, finally upgrading to real shades! I ordered these in white with blue trim and can’t wait to hang them up. I think it’ll help the room look a little more put together.

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I love that scalloped light. Do you know when the house tour you did with Refinery29 will go up?


Greaaaaat question! Ha, it keeps getting rescheduled. But I’m going to film my own in September/October no matter what. I also think the house will be farther along than it was this winter!


I love the rug you got for your office and the one for the guest room! I think either would work in my bedroom and I’ve been looking for something similar… Which one is softer/ do you think would work better for a bedroom? Thanks!

Leslie Shumate

Beautiful pieces! I’ve been considering a natural-fiber rug for my bedroom—do you find the seagrass rug difficult to clean or uncomfortable for bare feet?


Hi Carly, I’ve been looking to buy that scalloped light for our nursery, but the details say it has to be hardwired. Did you have to do anything special to install it? We have a light fixture already in the room that’s we’d just replace with this one, but concerned that the site called that out specifically. Would love to hear how you did it! Thanks!