Wedding Inspo from My Early 20s

This is going to be kind of a funny post (at least to me!). I logged into a personal Pinterest account and discovered a private wedding board I made when I was in college/first living in NYC. It’s not that robust, but it was funny to go back through old images during what was PEAK Pinterest days. (I’m pretty sure I added things between 2011 and 2013.)

I am positive that, despite my best attempts to have a “classic & timeless” wedding, I will still look back in a few decades (or simply years!) and think that it was actually “trendy” for the time. This was also my PEAK obsession with Kate Spade, so clearly that very much inspired what I was drawn to.

(These are all very old so I tried my best to find original sources– if I missed something, please do let me know!)

Okay I still really love this. Maybe just minus the purple clutch….

(The above image was originally from but the page is no longer active.)

These were pinned either my senior year of college when I was dreaming of New York or the first year I was living there. Even then I still wanted a courthouse wedding ha! I do love the idea of a short dress, though maybe not so into the feather moment anymore.

This was from a Cup of Jo blog post in 2012. I still love everything about it. I like the non-traditional wedding dress and her bouquet!

(Pretty sure this was originally from Martha Stewart Weddings, though the original page is no longer active.)

I really loved bright pinks and black/white situations. Still love the dress above and love peonies, but wouldn’t go pink right now. Again, very Kate Spade!

via 100 Layer Cake

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Such a cute post. Now I’m going to look back at my wedding Pinterest boards! Small tip since you like the baby’s breath bouquet: Costco sells bulk flowers online. We ordered a ton of hydrangeas and baby’s breath! It was easy to DIY and saved a ton of money.


Can’t wait to see more. I am so happy for you both. What ever you both decide will be absolutely beautiful.


I’ve been reading your blog for so long that this wedding inspo feels perfect for early 20s Calry and TCP! haha I’m so excited to see what you come up with for your wedding!

Ashley Vick

Carly I’m still obsessed with pinterest, 10 years later! Lol. I love your posts and I’m so excited to hear more about the wedding!


I do really love that first photo. Something about it is so sweet and timeless.


It was so fun to see some of these trends again! So much nostalgia for the 2012-2015 Pinterest days even though it wasn’t even that long ago. I was FULLY convinced that we were in the peak of style and fashion!


Oh my gosh too funny! I got married last fall and started a new wedding pinterest board when I got engaged to save ideas. My original board was so outdated with trendy things from 5 years ago, so many mason jars!


Thanks for sharing such a fun post! Congratulations again and summer is an awesome time to be engaged.


I wish there were more! This was fun. The best part is comparing what you actually wind up doing for your wedding with your original inspo pictures. I remember I’d been dating my now-husband maybe 2 years when a friend came and visited and asked me if I’d made a secret wedding Pinterest board yet. It blew my mind that I could do that! I wound up pinning all these super bohemian, unstructured wedding dresses…and in the end I bought a highly structured Pronovias gown. Never would have imagined I’d end up going that route. My board was also full of rose gold engagement rings. Still so happy we went with platinum in the end — so much more timeless!

Lauren Stotler

I am getting married next weekend, and I think about this a lot as I plan. I am very much going for timeless, but I know that my kids will still look at my photos and laugh.