Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American

I’m just overcome with emotion right now. I’m happy, and most importantly, I’m relieved. There was a lot at stake during this election and the country prevailed. I’m proud to be an American.

Proud to be an American





After all that buildup – WHAT A DAY! I cried with Van Jones in the morning, popped champagne and danced around all day, and cried again watching the acceptance speeches. I didn’t think I’d be this emotional, but as an Indian American daughter of immigrants myself, watching Kamala Harris speak really got to me.

Thank you for using your platform to advocate for human decency and character in the White House 💙

Sarah U.

So proud! That video was spot on. Thank you for sharing. So happy that America voted for empathetic leaders that will strive to unify this country.💙 🇺🇸❤️


The world looked at the USA, we trembled, we stunned – and in the end we are very happy! Our congratulations Mr. Biden and all the best for a better future.


thank you for using your platform to spread good. it is frustrating when people (especially those of privilege) use the excuse that their platform isn’t political. I believe we’ve reached a point where it is DANGEROUS to keep quiet and silence is supporting the status quo. plus I don’t see it as political, I see it as spreading respect and decency. ok getting off my soap box now, but anyways THANK YOU! happy tears today!!!


Hello Carly,
Congratulations to your new President ! I have been following the whole race on YouTube, spending a lot of time (day and night) watching so many different TV channels and being so scared. I knew you democracy was at stake (and so much more !) and feel so relieved today (Opened a bottle of wine to celebrate yesterday night !). As a French woman I hope our 2 countries will continue to develop good relationships… I am so happy the nightmare is (almost) ending for you and the whole world. Take good care of you Carly !
Cathie (forgive my bad English)


This comment made me burst out in tears – you’re so sweet, Cathie! Your English is better than my French. 🙂


So moved by your well wishes as well, Cathie. We wish the same for you! Solidarity across the globe.


Watching the election from across the pond in France and so relieved as well! I’m thrilled a strong and inspiring woman was elected Vice President. I do hope she and Biden will help unite the country but really find it hard to believe so many people voted for Donald Trump…


Hi Carly, I am a reader of your blog from Australia and have always loved the way you write, the varied and interesting topics. I have to say, thanks to much for being so honest and open about this issue and courageously posting this on your blog. My hope is that whatever other comments are left, they will be made with kindness and respect, as you have always conveyed on your blog. Thank you for always being such a positive influence and ray of sunshine on the web.


Carly, thanks for continuing to take a firm stance here. Racism, sexism and xenophobia have no place in this country. It’s important to be clear about this, and so many other bloggers either refuse to comment or do so only when it seems like they’re losing money.

America has a lot of issues that are deeply rooted throughout the fabric of our society. It’s important to recognize this, name these issues and work to change them (however hard that might be).


Joining you in being so relieved and thrilled with the outcome. It reaffirms my hope after these last demoralizing years. Van Jones’s clip reveals how deeply painful this time has been for many. And in reading your other comments, it is amazing how many friends from others countries are so happy for us. Grateful for that support from all of you around the world. Thank you! Just thrilled, happy and so encouraged that the majority of us here chose this new path.


As an influencer on social media, you are the media. How are you working to bring unity? I’d really be surprised to see any media try to bring unity instead of flaming the flames of division. I mean, Anderson Cooper compared President Trump to an obese turtle flailing on his back in the hot sun. And half the country thought that funny and not only funny but OK and morally correct to say because he is a “bad man.” There will not be unity until we can stop taking an all or nothing approach. Neither side is morally superior. He who is perfect should cast the first stone.


I am for unity… I supported a candidate who stands for unity and denounces the demonization of large groups of people (immigrants, people with disabilities, people of color, women, the LBGTQ+ community, etc.). And yes, I celebrate his victory for what it means for all Americans.


Would you show evidence of how he did not support these groups of people? I mean that sincerely.


Trump ends DACA:

Trump mocking disabled reporter:

Trump on women:

Trump’s racist remarks:


Notice how all of these sources are from left-biased news outlets. No hate, but if people claim that society needs to be educated then actually do research.


Hi Amanda,
You can actually listen to him/or watch him say these things on literally any outlet, not just the news! He may have come from reality tv where things get turned into Frankenbites (bytes?), but he has since managed to do enough unedited damage on his own.


Hi Amanda,
Like Stephanie explained, that he said these things are facts. Just because the Right didn’t report on them doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.


Hi Amanda,

The sources that Carly posted are incredibly esteemed news organizations, not left-biased outlets. The New York Times published its first issue in 1851. The Washington Post published its first issue in 1877. The journalists who work there are some of the best in the world, and they are extremely difficult jobs to get. They’re not like Breitbart which only began operating in 2005. They have a storied history in America. That is not to say journalists from these sources cannot make mistakes, but they are held to a much higher standard of reporting by the world let alone the US. They’re probably some of the best sources society can educate themselves with.


Honestly, which legitimate news sites are not seen as ‘left leaning’ and thus claimed to be inaccurate by the Trump administration? So many like to claim the media is liberal, but then catches their ‘news’ on Facebook. It’s so dangerous!


Hi Ginny, Andersen Cooper publicly apologized for his unseemly comment. I could probably feel differently about the president if I had {ever} heard him apologize for mocking a disabled person, completely dismissing victims and their grieving families of the pandemic, stirring racial tension, crudely bragging about assaulting women, etc., etc., ETC. Unity starts at the top.


Do you believe his apology was sincere? If it was he’ll never say anything like that about the president again. We’ll see. It’s the holier than thou and hypocrisy that gets me the most.


You don’t have to believe Anderson Cooper’s apology was sincere but I’d still take that over Trump NOT apologising at all for his awful remarks over the years.


Hi Ginny, here is what Anderson said afterwards, “I regret using those words because that’s not the person I really want to be. It was in the moment, and I regret it.” I heard it in real time and it did sound sincere. But here’s the much more important part {to me}, Anderson is not the president of my country. There is so much more at stake when the president of my country mocks, insults, assaults, lies, etc.


You obviously haven’t been paying attention to ANYTHING this man has said or done for the past 4+ years. The list is so long that I don’t even know where to start. I am surprised that Carly only gave you 4 links. He actually said that he grabs women by the pu**y. He cheated on his wife with a porn star and then paid her hush money. He called John McCain a loser because he was a POW and then said that he prefers people that don’t get captured. He called fallen soldiers Losers and suckers. He has dismantled any legislation that is good for the climate. Just look at his Twitter feed for the names he calls people on a daily basis. He has held rallies all throughout his presidency just to stoke his ego and cause division. He has come to the defense of white supremecists time and again. And if you want to talk about hypocrisy you can look no further than Lindsey Graham and the recent Supreme Court pick. Do your homework and STOP listening to the lies that Fox News feeds to you. Everything I have stated here is true, and isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, and you can go ahead and look them up for yourself.


I guess I could say the same about CNN. I don’t like Fox News. You need to dig deeper.


Ginny, it is not Carly’s job to make those who support Trump feel better. From reading your comments here, it is clear you are in pain. I hope you have the courage to seek the help that you may need.

To Carly – thank you for getting political on your blog, especially since it could cost you $$$! That’s ally-ship. <3 I couldn't stop crying during Kamala's speech last night.


Carly, good on you for taking a stand.

I find it astonishing that someone would come into the comments of your blog and task you with unifying the country. Perhaps we can form a task force to get going on that, we could probably achieve more in a week than the current administration has in 4 years. If we want to have a conversation about “fanning flames of division,” should we perhaps be focused on the people that are currently in charge, and who gave a pass to neo Nazis in Charlottesville? Or denied a pandemic was real, and made mask wearing into a political act? Or LITERALLY separated children from their families and locked them in actual cages? Or most recently, were okay with people trying to run a Biden-Harris bus off the road? I believe Trump called them “patriots.” And you don’t need to go to the big, bad LiBeRaL media to get evidence of that, you can see it on the Twitter feeds of the GOP, including Trump himself. We could also discuss how this is a party that has spent energy getting upset about the holiday cups at Starbucks or the “war” on Christmas, fanning flames of stupid culture wars whose only function is to get people angry at those who are different than they are.

And somewhat similarly, the idea that Anderson Cooper making that turtle comment is equal or somehow on the same footing as all of the horrific things Trump and his administration have done and said about a variety of groups and individuals is completely disingenuous. His comment was fairly tasteless, but jumping on that is a diversion tactic. Particularly since you then need examples of things that Trump has said which are offensive, which is somewhat mind-blowing. You could even go straight to Trump’s Twitter feed, and read his own comments. Not CNN, not MSNBC, not NPR, but he himself.

Some of this feels like gaslighting, where we are constantly being asked to “prove” that what we know happened has actually happened to people that have no intention of actually listening. It makes me think of this quote from 1984: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Also, it is a common tactic to claim every news outlet is “left biased,” to the point where you begin to realize that nothing you cite could ever be enough for them. The news articles that Carly and others have cited here include direct quotes from Trump, so sure, you can leave any “editorializing” on the table, but Trump literally said these things in front of other people and we have actual recordings of it. Are you telling us not to believe our eyes and ears? Are you telling us that we are all imagining it?

If unity is really a concern, we first have to agree to the same set of facts. It’s very clear at this moment that there is one group of people who does not, who has literally just lost an election and will not concede. Who continues to minimize a deadly pandemic, one whose case count has hit 100K cases/day. Who continues to do literally nothing to help the American people, and is also doing things to actively hurt them.


Yes to ALL of this. It’s not hyperbole to say that what we are now witnessing is behavior that is common to emotionally abusive relationships, especially as people are attempting to leave that relationship. I’m not equipped to explain all of that, though I have lived that on a personal level and now we all have, to a certain extent, during these last four years. All I can say, is that it can become very easy to second guess yourself and to feel like you have to apologize for behavior that isn’t actually your fault. So, I would encourage people to seek advice as to how to bolster themselves up in the coming months, so as to remain strong, principled, and sure of themselves.

Magdalena Gonzalez

I agree with you, Ginny. I am not sure what this post is doing to promote unity? It is succeeding at promoting Carly’s political ideology and re-enforcing her confirmation bias. As an immigrant and woman of color, I do not feel safer with a senile president-elect who accomplished nothing in 40 years in office and introduced the 1994 crime bill. A crime bill that affected my population the most. Kamala has her own track record, but her voters cannot see beyond identity politics. Posts like these reinforce the white savior theme. I do not speak for all immigrants and women of color, as you do not speak for all blacks and gays… But I can say this for myself, I do not need another white savior. I need a president who will introduce policies to keep ALL of us safe. Not just those who agree with him/her/they.


Hi, Magdalena. Was there a candidate for president this election who you felt reflected your views?


Magdalena, it’s not Carly’s job to promote unity. Carly isn’t a politician – this is her blog, she’s allowed to post whatever she wants.

I’m a woman of color, a black Latina at that, and you’re right, you don’t speak for all women of color, thankfully, when you want to hold a blogger accountable for posting her political opinions on her blog, but not the racist, sexist, xenophobic president currently in office. You don’t want a “senile” President elect? Really? Stop falling for the sleepy joe rhetoric that Trump and his base want you to fall for, as if Trump and his own disgusting and deteriorating mental capacity and him being less than a handful of years younger than Biden makes him fit for the job.

Do more reading on what the Republicans actually did to the crime bill once it finally passed. Stop blaming it all on Biden as if he crafted it all.

Kamala’s supporters can see beyond identity politics. Plenty of people have held her to the fire. But guess what? Those institutions don’t change until people who look like her work in them – and you don’t get to acquire this jobs and immeadiately disrupt and dismantle the system.

You know what unity is? Unity is Kamala Harris calling out Biden on racists missteps he took earlier in his career on a very public debate staff and Biden owning it, and then selecting that same woman as his running mate. That is reaching across the aisle and unity.

Biden’s acceptance speech was about unity – not at all about addressing just “his” supporters. Open your eyes and ears and stop attacking a blogger. She, nor Biden are trying to be white saviors.


One side is morally superior. It’s the one that denounces white supremacy. 💁🏻‍♀️


Yes, Carly! Thank you for celebrating this tremendous occasion on your platform. So, so happy.

Came to your site for the plaid, stayed for the inspiration. 🙂

Christine S.

YES!!! I am so excited for our first female, Black, Indian Vice President – and to have someone in the Oval Office who will base his COVID response on science, who believes in climate change, who won’t embolden white supremacists, who will fight to protect people’s healthcare, and who won’t separate families at the border.


Hi Carly! I voted differently than you, but I see nothing wrong with you using your blog and social media to share your enthusiasm. I apologize for the negative feedback that you’re receiving from other readers who did not vote for Biden. The beauty of this country is the possibility for all of us to think differently and share our opinions, so good for you for using your platform to openly discuss your views. It’s incredibly ironic that some readers want you to be open in sharing your personal life, but then bash you for sharing your political beliefs. I wish, especially in times like this, that others would be open to (and respectful toward) hearing perspectives different than their own.


I agree. I think Carly has done a great job of supporting her candidate and being excited , relieved without calling people who have opposite views names and being so self riotous . I have opposite views and that’s ok. We are all not the same. But it’s not ok to be mean and unkind. I am proud to be an American no matter who is office. The president and these politicians are giving too much power in how we feel. I am proud to be an American by seeing my husband have served our country in the Navy and by seeing pictures of my grandparents including my grandmother serve our country. Those things give me pride. But I do not think badly of anyone who feels differently than me UNTIL they start being rude and hateful.


Congrats from Canada!! The past four years have been really hard for us too. Welcome back, we really missed you guys. <3


Thank you for sharing your joy! So grateful for people like you who are using their platforms to lift others up, rather than tear them down or ignore the issues in our country. Looking forward to getting started on the hard work ahead!

Denise Groulx

Carly, I’m so happy for your country and mine. We were all cheering yesterday here in Quebec. We are so relieved. I always admire your country and love your people. I, as a quebecer and a canadian cannot convey enough my positive feelings and prayers to you all. God bless America.


Thank you, thank you for using your voice proudly on your platform. It shows your integrity and character. WAHOOO for Biden/Harris and moving this country along!!!


This is beautiful and articulates my feelings exactly. Thank you for using your platform and for celebrating kindness, respect, and integrity!


Cheering right alongside of you. Thank you for using your platform for good <3


What a joyous day for our country!! So glad to see that science, Black lives, LGBTQ rights, and good character won. It feels so good to finally relax after 4 years.


YES!! So proud to be an American today, and so thrilled to have true leadership back in the office!!


After reading your post from earlier in the week regarding the stress surrounding this election, I was equally as relieved at the news yesterday! Watching their speeches last night, I felt such a sense of calm and hope for our beautiful country in these coming years!! Proud to be an American ❤️

Jade W.

Thank you for sharing Carly. I am also feeling proud (er) to be an American after this weekend.

Stephanie Zheng

Hi Carly, this is the first time I have ever commented on a blog post but I just wanted to say that I am so glad you are using your platform like this! I really appreciate that you are publicly taking a stand, it’s important. You’ve done such an excellent job addressing COVID-19, BLM and politics.


Disappointed to see that you are only allowing comments that match your opinion. Obviously plenty of your followers, who allow you to earn your income, did not support the same candidate as you. Personally, I am proud to be an American every day, and the results of this, or any, election, do not change that one bit.


I’m allowing most comments. I deleted two: one that included fact-checked articles with misinformation and one by someone who used vulgar language


Not sure how you can get misinformation from articles that have been fact-checked.


The article said…. Fact Checked: Mostly False. But the person was using it as an argument and I don’t think she had legitimately read it.


I think it’s patriotic to critique our country. Just because we love it doesn’t mean it can’t get better, and that we shouldn’t push it to be.


I LITERALLY SOBBED throughout the entire victory speech. I too am so relieved and I have no words for the amount of optimism and hope I feel.


I feel the same way! Tears of pure JOY and relief! Like a huge weight has been lifted and ours prayers have been answered. XO


I have been watching Van Jones on repeat. What he is saying is exactly how I feel. I am raising two white teenage sons, and I did not want them ever to think that the way Trump conducts himself is the way to get ahead. I was taught to treat all people equally, to work hard, that the most important path in live is to help others, not just to make money, and to always be humble. All of those things are the opposite of what Trump and many (I’m sure not all) of his supporters seemed to advocate. There are so many times when I was glad that my grandparents and my father were no longer alive to see this. It is terrible that I thought that, but my mom said the same thing. We have a long way to go to heal from the divisions that Trump was inciting, but at least now we have hope.


I am a US, EU and Mexican citizen. I have traveled to 75 plus countries, worked for a few years in international war aid and speak four languages. Trump was a buffoon but so are most American leaders. I have seen the absolute carnage firsthand of the Bush admin. And Obama was a mass murderer with his drones. Until America is less greedy, its people learn to live within their means and stop creating war around the world by spreading “democracy,” no American president will make a significant change. America is a cancer and danger to other countries and to humanity in general. Trump may be gone but the US may never atone for its sins.


Funny you would say that Filipino phrase. Are you aware of US “involvement” in that country?


Jamie–I don’t think anyone is trying to say that the US is perfect, we know for certain it’s not, that’s why this election is so important. There is SO much work to be done; however, today so many of us are proud of the fact that, despite the past four years, we elected someone who will move us in the correct direction. Someone who will stand for those who are not white men or only themselves, but will stand for immigrants and addicts and disabled people and Black people and LGBTQ+ people. Anyone who’s aware enough to vote for Biden/Harris is equally as aware that this is only the beginning, and so we took a day to be hopeful. I would highly recommend watching the clip of Van Jones from CNN explaining why this was so important!


Greetings from Mexico! Thank you for your thoughts, Lillian. I must admit I am more fired up than usual because the Covid situation here is bad. Also increased amount of people facing hunger is astounding to me. I am glad Biden won and agree with you on so many points. I hope American won’t sink into malaise and will realize there is so serious soul searching that needs to take place in the US. With people who display kindness like you and Carly, it gives me hope.


I totally totally agree with you – I’m so proud Americans choose love and kindness over division.
I love people on both side of the aisle and I think this is the first step to coming together a a country again!


My favorite thing that (President) Joe Biden said was “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but unify. Who doesn’t see red states or blue states, but only the United States.” 😭💙❤️🇺🇸


Just watched the acceptance speeches and I was really touched. The American voters have chosen empathy and hope over hatred and fear. This is an important message to the rest of the world also. We do need strong allies and friends to address the complex problems worldwide in these challenging times. As a reader from Germany I am relieved and full of joy today. Things will get better now!

Amber Cottone


Love this post and your outfit on Instagram! Thanks for speaking up! Agreed, so relieved.


Thank you for being unafraid to speak up for what you believe in! I appreciate it, and I share your excitement and relief. There’s definitely still work to do, but we can finally take a breath!


Thank you for being unafraid to speak up for what you believe in! I appreciate it, and I share your excitement and relief. There’s definitely still work to do, but we can finally take a breath!

Wow, what a day!

Monica Lopez Herrera

Yesterday was a great day!!! Van Jones shared my exact sentiments. Character MATTERS
Thank you Carly for posting your opinion. I hope as a country we can move forward.

Best wishes!!!


I have so enjoyed your blog over the years…I have prayed for you when you where going through trials in your life and struggling with your anxiety… I feel like I celebrated with you as you married during a very stressful pandemic, I share your love of bows and needlepoint, and I have used countless links that have undoubtably helped with your finances…. but I am so saddened that you have turned this forum into a political platform. I understand and respect the fact that you have the right to your opinion but your instagram memes as of late have been extremely condescending… It makes me realize that you can not reciprocate the respect that those with differing opinions deserve…not very democratic I would say……. after all this is America…did you happen to think that some of your subscribers might have family members who are farmers and police officers…good people that do the right thing every day for way less money than what you apparently make? Did you ever think about the subscribers you were offending?…after all this country is very divided…millions of people voted in a different way than you. Not only is this disappointing to me personally but strikes me as a bad business decision.

I pray that you have a lovely life and can learn to open your mind and heart as you move forward.


You know who I’ve been thinking about while writing this? My gay followers who worried about their right to marry or start families being taken away. My Black followers who feel systematic racism daily and don’t have the option to “avoid politics”– especially my female Black followers. My readers who are immigrants or have parents who immigrated to the United States. My female followers who need access to reproductive care. My readers who have health issues and need access to affordable, comprehensive health care. So…. yes, I have considered my readers. If you *personally* feel put off by my statements and beliefs, please don’t assume that your feelings come first.


Thank you for this response, Carly. LONG time reader, first time commenter. Thank you.


I am a longtime gay follower who was crying a few weeks ago because I was so concerned my wife and I could be facing challenges to our marriage because of the Trump administration . So thank you, Carly, for being an ally and verbalizing the exact reason so many LGBTQIA, POC, and women cannot abide by Trumpian attitudes and policies. Her “business decision” was being a person who held strong to her morals, no matter the consequence. We need more people like that in the USA.

Thanks Carly! Your followers appreciate you.


While I agree with you about the various groups you feel an affinity with, it doesn’t justify your dismissive attitude towards Connie. I have admired the space you created for debate. Though I voted for Biden, I am far from euphoric because of my fear of the “American Empire” and what I consider to be exploitative foreign policy. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. Anthony Bourdain said, “I don’t have to agree with you to like you or respect you.”


This^^^^^^^^ Carly with the facts! You are all entitled to your own beliefs but not your own facts!

Thank you Carly for taking a stance. There will always be a “Connie.” Someone who is so sheltered that they can only see this as a one sided issue. Farmers and police men are not being disproportionally murdered at the hands of law enforcement. Connie, you should spend your time “praying” that innocent black men stop getting shot in the street, that millions of Americans won’t lose their health care, that babies will be released from cages at the border, that women won’t lose their fundamental right to chose what to do with their OWN bodies, that people won’t be banned from marrying whom they love.

I hope that you educate yourself and put your archaic views aside and learn a little bit about humanity.


Please don’t give lectures telling people to educate themselves. It comes across as uniformed, pedantic and pseudo-intellectual. Did you know the US invaded not just Iraq or Vietnam but Mexico, Haiti (occupied for ten years and some people there still fear whites people as a result of that), deposed a democratically elected leader in Iran (why the hostages were taken about 20 year later), supported right wing governments all over Latin America who had death squads, deposed Arbenz in Guatemala, deposed Allende in Chile in favor of Pinochet.

You may not like Connie’s views, but calling her provincial is really just weakness in the form of ad hominem attacks because you aren’t adding anything substantive to the debate. When you can do so, feel free to insult all you want.


Hey Jamie, thanks for the history lesson and the big Latin phrases! As the daughter of a Panamanian immigrant who lived through Noriega regime, your historical lecture on regimes is hysterical.

Also, as a law student, it is in my best interest to be very concerned with details, so thank you for that recognition via your insulting terminology!

Connie’s political views are in fact a reflection of who she is as a person so your “ad hominem” attack claim is baseless.


Jamie, you are also giving Andrea a lecture on the many US foreign policy failures. “Did you know”… I fully understand how much destruction the US has done around the world, but you’re doing the same thing…


Oh my ….you really need to dig deeper and do your own research… You are sadly uninformed on these events. That said ….I respect your right to your opinion… I just ask for the same respect.


Connie, with all due respect, Carly owes you nothing and leave anyone’s mental health tribulations out of it. You choose to frequent her blog at your own leisure. She is at perfect liberty to utilize her forum as she so chooses. If you don’t like what she posts on HER blog and HER social media, don’t read it, you also have that liberty to limit what you read. As you you say, after all this is America and she does have the freedom of speech, even if you don’t like what she’s saying. I hope you take a step back and examine how you can be an ally to others in a productive and meaningful way. We are as strong as we are United and weak as we are divided. How do you want to leave this country for your children and grandchildren? How will you personally help unify our country?


Thank you for this Casey. This is the way to disagree, state points and make some rational sense with someone you disagree with. The opposite of insults and personal attacks. I applaud you adding to the conversation.


Connie, consider looking at how awful Trump and his band of loyal followers have treated people who are different from them before attacking Carly for her hopefulness.

Please don’t say Carly and “the left” (ha!!!!!) is divisive when America has spent 4 years being abused by the Trump administration.

It’s amazing to me that because you’ve clicked on a link of her that your opinion means you can dictate or shame her for what and how she posts.


Hi – brand manager/influencer program manager here! When we look to seed and hire influencers, we absolutely look for human beings – that’s the value of an influencer. We look for *people* who are passionate, empathetic and even mission-driven, because we’re mission driven as a brand (and I used to work at a less outwardly mission-driven brand – we still looked out for this in influencers). We believe, more and more, that this is table-stakes for doing business – because commerce is political, fashion is political. When I look on feeds to consider partnership, I scroll back to see how they’ve joined the conversation on serious issues. Otherwise…I would just put that money into a paid social ad. This is not to say that all businesses need to have outward moral or political alignment….but to insinuate that this is a “bad business decision”, I am just here as someone who literally allocates budget to influencers – it isn’t. Frankly, I’m also more likely to allocate budget to creators who have taken stands, because it means their followers are probably more aligned and emotionally connected to them.

I’m not trying to dunk on this poster by using my professional background, I just feel like this “bad for business” threat is tossed off to influencers a lot, either out of anger or to try to suppress their voices. It’s tossed off to my brand a lot, because we voice our opinion on certain social issues (we have yet to see this backed up by negative business impact)! The reality is, not only do I personally admire Carly for refusing to be politically neutral (there is no such thing – political neutrality is an allotment of privilege and a position within itself), but it would make me more likely to engage with her from a business perspective – both at the big company I used to work for (and it would have been approved), and the smaller brand I manage for now.

Hope this perspective was helpful!


political neutrality is an allotment of privilege and a position within itself +100


“Political neutrality is an allotment of privilege and a position within itself” – wow, thank you, that puts it SO perfectly. I have been thinking a lot about influencers who won’t comment on the election. Sure, they aren’t required to comment but it honestly makes me less interested in their content and I lose some respect for their unwillingness to use their platforms. You are making a loud statement by saying nothing at all.

Miss S

Connie, Carly is a human being first and foremost. She has just as much of a right to use her platform to express her views as anybody else. There’s no content anywhere online that needs to exclusively cater to you, certainly not on *someone else’s blog* ! Standing up for other human beings is an admirable thing. I have personally unfollowed several influencers and brands for remaining silent on social and political issues, and I would not hesitate to unfollow Carly if she had done that. It’s a worse business decision to act as if we aren’t living at a time of chaos with an orange man in office hellbent on screwing over as many marginalized groups of people as he possibly can. People are literally dying because of racism and the pandemic, and to act as if that isn’t happening is to remain silent because of your own privilege. Everyone deserves better than what’s happening in America right now, including you, Connie.

Police officers and farmers should be just as concerned about what’s happening and dedicated to creating a better, kinder, more accepting nation for everyone, and there’s no room for racist murders or incredibly rude comments like yours in a place like that. If you want to follow people who aren’t willing to stand up for other people, then feel free to find some influencer who only posts swipe ups to follow. I’ll be over here on Carly’s blog and will continue to send prayers and support her way whenever they are needed. 🙂


You commented on your IG stories that you were excited to have a “really really smart” First Lady in the White House. Were you saying that an immigrant with an accent who learned English as a second language could not possibly be “smart”? Or, better yet, a Model cannot be? That’s actually hilarious considering that a good portion your IG “influencer”friends are “successful” because they pretend to be models. Hateful speech is hateful speech regardless of who it is directed towards. I am open to everyone having a voice for their own opinion. I also expect everyone to own their hypocrisy.


it wasn’t a comparison at all– i didn’t say “oh now we have a smart person” or “she’s smarter than melania” just excited because i think Jill is great


I’m going to speak for myself here, but Melania was a birther, whether she was smart or not is irrelevant. You can be an intelligent person and have a terrible heart.

Btw Carly, side note, I read Jill’s book cover to cover yesterday, and it made me love her even more. She is going to be a fantastic FLOTUS.


“Terrible heart” is a bold statement. It’s not one I would be comfortable using toward anyone. People can have different views than you. That is what makes America what it is. You can dislike policies. But to judge that harshly someone you have never met based on what you hear and read about them is dangerous. If you search your own heart, I’m sure you’ve had moments when you’ve acted out of less than purity and love.


Melissa–As Carly said, she has never spoken poorly of Melania. Calling one woman smart does not mean another isn’t, there is no limit to the number of intelligent women in the world! I recently heard that Melania speaks about 7 languages which is SO impressive.
However, by shaming Carly’s friends, your comment was no better than what you wrongly accused Carly of doing. What the world, especially women, needs right now is to support each other, not tear down each other (when those women have built extremely successful businesses. If I’ve learned anything from Carly and her friends it’s the hard work that goes into their job).
Because Melania is intelligent doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the first Professor First Lady!
Please, take a moment before attacking those who are working to produce content that you consume. Carly is a human, too!


Hi Lillian,
I obviously follow Carly and read her blog. I appreciate that you felt the need to defend her but disagree that asking her a question is in any way “attacking” her or her friends. Credentials do not make a person “smart”. I am a college graduate yet realize that not everyone had that luxury. Regardless, I understand that everyone has something to teach me and many people have talents that I do not possess (modeling).
My mother-in-law came to America from Italy with my Father-in-law and learned English by watching the news…while he was doing his residency in a city hospital studying it himself. She has no formal education beyond primary, and I consider her one of the most intelligent people I have I ever known. (And yes, she still has a beautiful accent).
I am thankful that Carly took the time to consider my perception of what she wrote and clarify what she meant so that there was no misunderstanding. That openness and dialogue prevents negativity from escalating.
I can assure you that in my “real” life I welcome these exchanges and absolutely give everyone the benefit of the doubt until it is proven that there is no reason to. If anyone is ever offended by words, I welcome the opportunity to discuss it further. I view life through my own lens just as everyone else does.


100000% breathed a sigh of relief. I was raised Republican with conservative values. What I learned this election, the last election, and in the past four years, is that Donald Trump does not stand with the values of a true, conservative American. Sure, he upholds a far right conservative agenda (and I believe every single person has a right to their political beliefs), but he also breeds systemic hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, and xenophobia into our nation. And that is NOT what America stands for. We are more divided than ever, and that is because day after day our nation was filled with negative noise spewing from our executive branch. At a certain point, it is our responsibility as Americans united to set aside the things that benefit ourselves and our family, and look out for our neighbors. We should always outweigh Me. Thank you Carly, for reaching out to your readers and shedding light on your beliefs, as is your constitutional right to do so.


I was also raised super conservative and have become more moderate the older I get. Your comment hits the nail on the head!

Chelsea Lawlor

Yes! I look forward to the day the Republican Party steps into the 21st Century in regards to our environment and human equality. Til then, I will proudly vote Dem!

Kari Roberts

Carly– Thank you for speaking up for your values and the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS of your followers. I applaud you for speaking up and speaking out and using your platform for good!

Mary Rose Patrick

Thank you for speaking up for your readers like me. I’m a pansexual woman in her mid-20s (Pan is a Greek word meaning “all” meaning I am attracted to all genders, but I’m currently interested in a cis man haha) and I have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and I take hormonal birth control to help with the symptoms, and my doc wants me to get an IUD soon. I was sexually assaulted as a minor by an adult man and was terrified for a while that I would need an abortion, which I thankfully didn’t. And I’m from and live in Birmingham, Alabama, which is really the only deep blue city/county in Alabama (I’m hoping to move to Scotland or Canada for grad school). I’ve been reading your blog and following your stuff since I was in high school. I cannot express to you how much it means to me when I see a preppy lifestyle blogger that I’ve followed for years stand up for people like us and speak up about politics, because a lot of them have not. Your voice matters, and it’s impactful. Thank you, Carly.


Carly – thank you so much for speaking out this election. I have been a reader since high school (almost 10 years!) and you’re the only blogger I embarrassingly stan (I ran a remote Q&A with you at the University of New Hampshire when I was a student in 2016 if you remember!). I loved your response to the critique that this isn’t a “smart business decision.” I want to add, anecdotally, that I and other friends have grappled with continuing to follow influencers who are a-political during this time (particularly white women). While I understand the emotional burden it puts on folks to post their views and deal with the comments/DM’s, I personally wanted my engagement to go towards people who were supporting BLM, etc. I am so thankful that you have continued to be such an authentic voice in the space.

From politics, to mental health, to your stacey london grey streak, I wanted you to know how refreshing and rewarding it is to follow someone who cares more about helping real women live their best lives than about selling a pack of lightroom presets. Stay sane <3


I’m a lurker and I’ve never commented but just came here to say THANK YOU! Thank you for using your platform. I’ve read your blog for a looong time and have never been more proud of you!


Another long-time reader/first time commenter here! Just want to say ‘thank you’ for using your platform the way that you have this year. The Connie argument works both ways. I’ve stopped following and supporting many people this year, too. I’ve stopped supporting nearly every influencer or ‘person with influence’ that hasn’t posted about the election or the incredibly important issues that have resurfaced in our country this year.

Here’s the thing… no one is forcing us to consume the content we consume. You can just…. unfollow. Stop reading. Move along. It’s easy! If you don’t like it, then go somewhere else.

My view is summed up with something I read yesterday in the Instagram comments of another blogger/influencer who was losing followers by the thousands for posting about the election… someone said, “I love it when the trash takes itself out.” Petty? Yes. Accurate. Also, yes.


Amen! And if we are discrediting everything the news reports because Anderson made a heated comment, then how about we talk about what Bannon said regarding beheading Dr. Fauci!


Thank you so much for sharing, for being authentic and taking a stand for what you believe in. I applaud you!


Thank you for being unafraid to voice your thoughts and opinions this entire election season, it’s been amazing to see when so many influencers and content creators I follow have been so silent this entire year on the election and the pandemic, living life as if neither exists. This is such a pivotal moment for our country and their silence speaks volumes. Your response to the comment above made me cry happy tears again today (after a weekend full of that!). I’m an immigrant reader (I came here as a baby with my parents from Peru) and the rhetoric from this administration these past 4 years has been really painful to listen to, knowing there are always families just like mine starting their lives in America, just hoping for a better life. To see the daughter of immigrants become our Vice President this weekend was incredible! I’m so proud to be an American. Thank you for standing up for your readers!

Amanda McDowell

Thank you so much for using your voice to amplify these important issues! It’s so refreshing to see you and others in your position speak out for the good in the world. Character, kindness, and decency are so important, and I’m so happy that you’re reflecting those values in your platform, too. Thanks for all you do! ❤️


Carly, I don’t think I’ve ever replied to your blog. I’ve been a reader for 10 years, and I just want to share how much I, and I imagine other Black women, appreciate your commitment to not being silent. As we continue to learn, silence has the potential to be violent. While I agree with your political leanings, I also am proud that you’ve used your platform over the last few months to let your followers know where you stand. In every community we are a part of, we have to have these conversations about morals, values, and what we are willing to sacrifice for our neighbors, and for our country. For the first time in a long time, I am proud to be an American.

Hagen Reyes

My husband and I live in South Carolina. He is an immigrant who has lived here since he was 3. We’ve had a really difficult and heartbreaking time with processing paperwork and not knowing when or if he would be deported. My husband and I want to start a family and buy a house, but our future is on hold because of inhumane immigration practices. To the followers saying “farmers” or “police” – such people who very well may be elated by the election themselves – may be offended by others’ joy at humanity prevailing, shame on them. This isn’t politics. It’s about ethics and basic right vs. wrong.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate you being unapologetically yourself and using your platform.


This is more than politics this is about decency! Thank you for speaking up, Carly!


Thank you so much for this Carly! Long time reader from Europe who happens to have lived in the US. The elections were important for us as well, as Trump and his administration have actively worked against the unity of the EU. In addition to all of the terrible things he said and did in America over the last 4+ years, he pushed for no-deal Brexit, poured money into far-right parties and NGOs who are supporting the disintegration of Europe, and managed to destroy partnerships which have worked successfully for many, many years. We were cheering with you on Saturday!

Elizabeth O'Donnell

Magdalena – Out of the two options, which presidential candidates was going to be able to succeed better at introducing policies to keep us all safe?


First of all you don’t know which of those groups you mentioned that I identify with…. you don’t know if I’ve lost loved ones to the pandemic or if I’m a nurse or doctor on the front lines… a teacher … helping kids go back to school. You have judged me without knowing me and that is the problem. Thank you to the reader below that was able to hear my point of view… She didn’t agree but was kind and listened and for that I am grateful.


Okay I have to say this: a part of what is wrong with the world today is that grown adults haven’t learned how to disagree with one another without taking it very very personal. Influencers are not here to be our saviors or BFF. Find something good that you are passionate about and something worthy to believe in and put the weight of your emotions there. P.S. I hope this doesn’t come off wrong, I have and do enjoy Carly’s content. Peace ✌🏽


Really encouraged by how Carly has handled politics (and other hard topics TBH). Whether you choose to talk about your stances or not is a personal decision, what I love is that at every step I’ve seen nothing but care, respect, and good citizenship. Thank you!

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