Puppies at the Beach

Last week, I met up with two of my friends (Julia + Meg) for an afternoon at the beach with our dogs. I was running late, of course, as I tried to wrangle two dogs into harnesses and leashes… and then I got a call from my accountant which left me feeling drained. The beach was perfect though. It was over 70 degrees and packed. It looked like everyone had come straight from school to play. I loved it.
I do think the three of us were crazy for thinking four dogs (two of whom are puppies!) and photos would be a good idea, haha. But… we got one brilliant shot. Only took about 100 tries and many, many laughs. 
Teddy, Hamilton, Boots, and Miles.
Persifor gave us dresses to wear for the warm day- it was the first time my legs have seen the sun this year, haha! Meg wore the cutest palm leaf printed dress and Julia was in this hydrangea cheetah print.
Hands just as full as my heart right now! Love these two little guys.
Ham is too young to go on the ground where a lot of dogs play so I held him on my lap the whole time. He legitimately snoozed the entire time. I kept checking to make sure he was breathing because he was so passed out!

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