Oh man, this week kicked my butt! I’m kind of dragging into today… but still have a few more work things to finish up and then I am grossly behind on getting things ready for Christmas. I have wrapped exactly zero gifts. I’m usually so on top of it! I definitely see a couple of last minute errands to finish up shopping too… (Note to my future self, don’t procrastinate.)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Photo Printing Service

Ever since I shared that I got some prints made, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. I have tried so many different photo printing services and Printique is, by far, the best quality. They nail the quality in every way imaginable. From the way the colors look to how the prints feel. I found that so many other services look like “digital” prints. Even if I had a super high quality photo, they looked pixelated and the colors were never spot on. Printique’s are perfect. Highly, HIGHLY recommend. (Printing photos could be a great “end of year project” if you have some time off of work.)

TWO // Bow Curtain Tieback

I have zero places for these curtain tie backs (our upstairs windows all have shades, not curtains, because of our radiators), but I absolutely love it. Bows are everywhere now, but I’m finding a lot of the home items to be a little too juvenile. These would be darling in a little girls room, but they’re also sophisticated enough for an adult.

THREE // American Girl Doll Founder Buys Up A Real Human Town

My sister in law sent this article to me first– and then I received approximately 400 DMs with it. I’d love to visit Aurora. I’ve seen some of her properties on Instagram before– I just didn’t know that the founder of American Girl was behind it all.

FOUR // Caraway Cookware

I’m having like a postnatal nesting stage. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to act on it, but during one of Jack’s naps this week, I switched over our pots and pans. We have a nice set of all-clad, but I really like cooking certain things with non-stick, which we had a hodgepodge collection of. I did a deep clean and organization of our cabinets and made the switch to Caraway. (The big box had been sitting unceremoniously in our living room for weeks…) I bought them back during Cyber Week and I’m so excited to cook with them! I will keep you posted. Right off the bat I will say, they are beautiful and nice and sturdy!

FIVE // It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

Ending on a very lovely, heartwarming note. This woman’s father is battling cancer and decided to learn how to ice skate. He and his teacher put on a performance and, wow, I just love this!

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Erin Rice

We visited the Inns of Aurora this July. The inn was one of the nicest we have ever stayed in, and the spa has just opened . It was beautiful . Very quiet little town, not even a grocery or drug store there. Plus is Mackenzie Childs has an outlet not far from there, quiet place to unplug.


I love your haircut! I have the Caraway pans and love them. However, I wanted to mention that I wouldn’t recommend cooking anything on them that requires more than medium-ish heat. Last Christmas I was cooking on them with high heat and I think I damaged the non-stick portion. It definitely doesn’t work the same anymore. I also saw a few videos that mentioned the same. Hope you have a happy holiday season :).


Carly, my husband and I got married in Aurora a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place all on its own, but the fact that Pleasant Rowland owns it is an extra fun tidbit. Absolutely go for along weekend! You will love it!


I’m from the Finger Lakes area in NY and can confirm the properties in Aurora (including the spa) are so lovely! I think you’d love it. Lots of wonderful wineries nearby too.


Omg the ice skating instructor is my bestie’s mom. So weird, but also sweet to see her all over the internet!


I haven’t left a comment in forever. Carly, please color your hair. It looks awful. You’re too young to do that to yourself. You should be enjoying the “young mom thing” without dealing with grey hair.


It’s almost 2022, can we stop policing women in this way? I’d also argue that by dyeing my hair I would be dealing with it… right now I’m just letting it be. And I like it, which is all that matters.

Nancy Redner

Hi Carly, I think you are glowing and look absolutely lovely postpartum. I’m a hairstylist, and your hair looks very healthy. The grey is very becoming on you. I noticed that you breastfeed- if you feel anxious about coloring your hair because of ammonia and potential chemicals, there are many non toxic hair dyes on the market. Again, not at all necessary! However, if you do change your mind about color, please come visit my salon. We would be thrilled to pamper you, and we are nursing friendly. 🤍 Nancy in Westfield

Kimi, Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Jeeze, people can be so rude! I personally love that you have embraced your greys, Carly. I’m in my early 30s and notice more greys seemingly every day, but I can’t bring myself to embrace them just yet. Would love to hear any tips you have for doing that! I hate feeling like I need to pull them out constantly. 🙁


I think it looks great, and I wish more women felt confident enough to let their hair just be. But at the end of the day, whatever you like best should be the priority – thank you for sharing that value with your readers!

Christine Donohue

Joanne, I agree. Carly you are still so young and beautiful. You don’t have to try so hard to appear mature. I can assure you that we all respect you as a Mother and businesswoman. You don’t have to appear to look older in order to be taken seriously. Have some fun, enjoy the remainder of your young adult years and dye that hair. It will boost your confidence and make you look more attractive! Unfortunately it makes you look homely and in your line of work, that is a big no-no! I am also certain that your spouse will have zero complaints. Keep up the great work otherwise. 👍🏻


I don’t understand why grey hair is so abhorrent. I don’t blame anyone for coloring theirs, but I wish we could all also be okay with natural signs of aging.


Just popping over to say I LOVE your hair and truly hope mine goes gray in streaks just like yours. I’ve loved it ever since Stacy London in What Not To Wear 🙂


I have not visited your blog in a little while and I must say – I LOVE YOUR HAIR. Your bit of gray coming in is exactly how I want mine to come in. Free highlights! Anyway, just had to rave about your hair 🙂