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I wanted to do a quick round up of some of the things I’ve recently purchased. I obsessed with all of these things and would consider all of them great buys.


Fit & Flare Knit Dress // This is a Nordstrom exclusive Gal Meets Glam dress. I loved the mauve that Julia rocked, but I know that navy was more my speed and that I’d get a lot more use out of it. Honestly, it’s a magic dress. It looks incredible on and is one of those dresses that works with flats during the day and heels for a dressier night. I’m bringing it with me to Paris in case it’s warm enough one day for bare legs.

Monogrammed iPhone Case // I said goodbye to my old iPhone case because it started to tear and peel. It was totally fine one day and then the next it was pretty much falling apart. I popped into The Daily Edited while I was in the West Village last week to just check out the cases since I had been eyeing them online. Then I found out they monogrammed in the store! I pulled the trigger on the spot! So many compliments from everyone who sees it… it’s beautiful and monogrammed, so, duh, I love it.

Monogrammed Tote + Cosmetic Case Set // I have a campaign with Mark & Graham coming up so I spent way too much time on their website looking at everything. I just can’t say no to a monogram. This black tote comes with a matching monogram cosmetic case. The case is great to keep things organized within the tote. It looks like a way more expensive tote, too. Super pretty and functional. It’s big enough for a laptop (I have a 13 inch), but it’s not too bulky where you can still use it as a daily handbag. I have a feeling a lot of people on my Christmas shopping list will be getting these!

Cap Toe Pumps  // These cap toe pumps are a knock-off of the Chanel shoes that you’re probably seeing everywhere. I bought these during the Shopbop sale a few weeks ago and they are now in heavy rotation for my everyday outfits. They felt a little strange when I first wore them (a strange fit). I decided to wear them around my apartment for a little to break them in and, honestly, they warmed right up and felt perfect! Only took about an hour, so don’t worry if they feel stiff/tight when you first get them. I even had to adjust the heel to make them tighter!

Roll Neck Sweater // You guys know I’m already loving this sweater. The last time I posted it though it was excluded from the sale. WELL!! I just saw that it’s 30% off. I freaking love this sweater. And since the last time I talked about it, I washed it twice and it’s come out wonderfully. I feel like that’s such a key part of sweaters… washability and this passes the test. It doesn’t hurt that it looks so flipping cute on. Nice and cozy!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Matching sets are so satisfying; love the monogrammed tote and cosmetic case set! // haha I’ve seen the cap toe pumps everywhereee. Such a beautiful and classic style! // Autumn is the season I’m most tempted to buy things even though I really don’t need more things! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Catherine Hannum

The Roll Neck Sweater is the best! I’ve been wearing it for almost two months now and constantly find myself reaching for it. Highly recommend it to anyone, and now that I know its on sale I’m going to have to get another!


Love those Sam Edelman cap toes, they are perfect for work. AND THAT LAST SWEATER, I need it in every color!

Nicole Wickholm

This reminded me that your annual gift roundups will be coming out soon and I can’t wait. I’m in desperate need of gift inspo this year.