Little Black Blouse

I mentioned that I purchased this top a few weeks ago. It’s AMAZING. Do not hesitate to buy if you like it… I’m surprised to see that it doesn’t have the best rating online. When I tried it on for the first time, I instantly loved it. Some of the reviews said it ran “snug,” but I got my usual size and think it fits normally.

Carly Heitlinger

I typically reach for a dress when I’m heading out at night, which means my closet is packed with dresses. I have a ton of button downs, but not many good blouses for date nights. There’s something just so un-fussy about throwing on a simple blouse, jeans, and a solid pair of heels and calling it a night. And this one fits the bill.

This has been one of my go-tos for date nights and casual dinners with girlfriends. But I think with a pair of skinny cropped slacks you could also turn this into a work-appropriate outfit.

Carly the Prepster

Little Black Top

Tortoiseshell Clutch

A little tip about the shoulder… it’s probably best worn with a strapless bra. But I absolutely hate strapless bras. (Speaking of which, does anyone have a miracle one?! Because I feel like they’re always so uncomfortable!!)

The shoulders are just slightly too far away to wear a bra naturally. The straps will show the second you move around. To fix this, I just added a small piece of fashion tape in the top of my bra strap and then stuck it to the inside of the shoulder of the blouse. Problem solved and I still had the comfort of wearing my favorite bras.

J. Crew Fall Outfit J. Crew Black Top  J. Crew Square Neck Top

J. Crew Top // Madewell Jeans (obsessed with these!) // Similar Pumps // Clutch // Earrings

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Christina Marie

That blouse is so cute.

Strapless bras a kind of hopeless for super busty women (like myself), but it makes all the difference in the world to be fitted by a professional. Not Victoria’s Secret or even Macy’s, but at a bra-specific store. Busted In Detroit comes to mind. Once you are fitted by someone who exclusively works with bras and they make some selections based on your specific arrangement and needs, it becomes a totally different experience.

Anecdotal evidence: I got fitted at Busted 2 years ago, and have purchased a bra or 2 every six months. Around Christmas last year, I needed an emergency strapless bra ASAP. I called the store, told them my needs, and they pulled 3 bras for me to try on with my last minute dress. Tried them on over my lunch break, did a little tweaking, and wore it that night to my fancy event.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates strapless bras. I’ve tossed all of mine and only wear sticky bras. Comfort factor isn’t exactly there, but at least they are going to stay put!


I so love the way you dress. The taste and cool classy outfits you choose. I’m always happy to open your newsletter each day.

Haintso Rakouth

Most of the sizes for that blouse are already on backorder 🙁 won’t be available till next year.


I absolutely HATED strapless bras and wandered in to Victoria Secret to begrudgingly buy one a few years ago for a wedding. The lady was a GENIUS for my fit problem. I bought the bra and went to target and bought bra strap replacements, had a seamstress sew them on next to the existing ones, and now I can pull it tighter to fit my smaller frame and it doesn’t move! Game changer for small people

Emily Richey

Hi Carly! 1. You so know how to rock heels! I usually gravitate towards jeans and booties this time of year with nice outfits, but you are totally inspiring me to invest in some new heels-such a sexy yet classy look. 2. I have been behind in my blog, so have been binge reading your posts dating back to this past spring over the past few days–It has been SO fun, and I just want to encourage you by telling you that I have been reading for years, and you inspire me so much. I love your style, the way you approach life, your organizational tips, and your honest. Thank you! Keep up the great work!