What To Cook in October

So… I fell off the cooking wagon when I moved to Hoboken. Our kitchen is functional but super, super tiny and I just never quite felt comfortable in there. However, on Monday night, it was so chilly outside and I wanted to contribute to cooking (because my boyfriend literally cooks every single meal we eat, whoops)… so I roasted a chicken. I was quite intimated by the process but it ended up being very easy. And made the whole apartment smell like “home” and it was the perfect meal for a fall night. Adding some of Louisa’s recipes to my “to-make” list because they all sound perfect for a cozy night in!

What To Cook in October

Guest post by Louisa Lou

I know October is almost over, but there are still a couple of weeks left to celebrate the month!

I’m a newsletter junkie. Every morning my inbox piles up with all of the newsletters I’m subscribed to, and while I don’t read them all every single day, the one I always read without fail is the New York Times’ ‘What to Cook Right Now.’

I always get a ton of ideas from that newsletter about ingredients that are in season, new techniques I should be trying or just get reminded of old, never-fail classics. I figured I’d be inspired by those favorite newsletters with my post this week. So here’s what I’m cooking right now, and what I think you should be cooking too.

Braised lamb ragu is a recipe I’ve had up my sleeve for quite some time, I was just waiting for the perfect time to cook it. This is the perfect entryway into the world of lamb. The lamb braises for two hours in the oven with some onions, red wine, and a few other ingredients. What you end up with is an insanely delicious, melt-in-your-mouth ragu sauce (and serve it with this roasted beet salad).

Soups are calling my name these days. If you follow Living Lou on Instagram you would’ve seen my step-by-step recipe for leek and potato soup Instagram story. Another soup I’ve got on repeat right now? Roasted carrot and fennel, you can thank me later–carrots and fennel are both in-season right now.

What’s October without pumpkin? While you can get your fix from a pumpkin spice latte (zero judgments here!), you can also add pumpkin (or squash) to your meals. I’m fond of this oldie-but-goodie pumpkin spiced granola (add it to yogurt for a quick breakfast) and my creamy spiced acorn squash soup will never disappoint.

What are you cooking right now? I’d love to hear from you.

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I made tomato basil soup last week. It was very good and felt like the perfect meal to eat since it was really cold around here. Dunking croutons in it and dipping bread in it is a great way to enjoy it.

Anna Thompson

Apple crumble! For the last month in Oslo there have been apples everywhere and I have been making anything and everything with them. Easy apple crumble is one of my favourites.


Mmmm that acorn squash soup looks delicious. One of my favorite fall recipes is stuffed acorn squash. I cut the squash in half and stuff the center with a mixture of italian chicken sausage, spinach, apples, and onions that have been sauteed with warming spices, and then I bake the squash with the stuffing and its delicious!


Love braised lamb ragu recipe – thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind if I’ll be using it beyond October :-).


What’s your favorite cookbook? The basis for all of my dishes is what I learned from my mom and grandma. With that solid foundation, I need a good cookbooks that aren’t on the coffee table, they’re on a shelf in your kitchen covered with stains because you can’t stop using it.


These are great! Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend cooks literally all our meals too! Cooking is totally his love language. We can both look at the same ingredients and he sees a delicious meal and I’m like ?! But he cooks, and I clean. It works 🙂 My goal this fall is to make one new recipe for us both.


I made roasted sweet potato tumeric soup tonight. Delicious and autumn like with a touch of spice. It’s from my favorite healthy eating blogger/author Gina holomka from skinnytaste.