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I’ve been sharing on and off the things kind of getting me through the days. Things I’m grateful for. What’s motivating me. Things that excite and inspire. I feel like each time I do I need to preface the post by saying… life is *not* all sunshines and rainbows at the moment, but I am focusing so, so hard on trying to keep my “face to the sun” so to speak. (Because otherwise, things can get real dark, real fast. 😩)

Five things right now…

(1) I am on a major audiobook kick. I used to tolerate audiobooks and only really enjoyed a specific genre– mostly memoirs narrated by the authors themselves. Now? I can listen to anything and I love the audiobook experience so much that I’m finding myself wishing I had picked audiobook over physical book. (Really.)

(2) My mornings are so much better with the StoryTeller App by Morgan Harper Nichols. THANK YOU to everyone who recommended it to me a couple of months ago. I think Morgan is such a talented artist and poet. I set the app to “alert” me to the daily post at 8am. By then I’ve had one cup of coffee, cleaned the kitchen, done my French lessons, and taken care of the dog. Usually I’m already on my computer but I take the five minutes to read the daily message which always (ALWAYS!) inspires me to have a better day. Somehow she knows exactly what to say right at the right time.

(3) I try to get on the Peloton every other day, coordinating with my hair wash schedule, haha. I cannot believe how much I love it. I thought Mike was ~insane~ for buying it and now I thank him every time I jump off that bike dripping in sweat. And I hate sweating bu apparently love it now?! Who. Am. I?

(4) Sewing is sparking all the joy. I think having a physical product at the end of the day is a big part of it. But the biggest part is how much I love figuring this new “skill” out. It’s partly just following instructions, which I always appreciate, but there’s problem solving and trouble shooting too. So satisfying to complete projects and I LOVE seeing my nieces in the dresses. I think I’m going to do more of a dedicated series to the sewing adventures… stay tuned for it.

(5) I was so excited for Emily in Paris to come out on Netflix, but really didn’t love the first couple of episodes. I stopped watching and then…. something drew me back in? I couldn’t tell you what inspired me to try it again, but I did and I am now into. It’s not the highest quality show ever produced– it’s kind of cheesy. It feels like a Disney show with more adult content? Maybe it’s just the year where cheesy, light-hearted content is needed. I’ll take it.

What tops your gratitude list right now?

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Since you mentioned sewing dresses for your nieces – I love the Made By Rae Geranium Dress pattern, if you haven’t come across it yet. It comes in sizes newborn-5T as well as kids’ sizes and there’s an expansion pack you can add on to mix it up with different sleeves, a sash, a longer bodice, a neck bow, a collar, etc. l’ve made several, each different and all so cute on my friends’ kids!


Yes, yes, yes to A Place to Call Home. I LOVED it. I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on more!


Hi! Your blog is a wonderful way to start the morning & yes please to some sewing pats!😊❤️

Courtney Jenney

Oh, I SO agree with you regarding Emily in Paris. It’s SO cheesy! I love Lily Collins, but couldn’t help but laugh at how bad some of the acting was…. Maybe it was more so the script and less of the actual acting, but something was just so *humorous* to me! Don’t get me wrong, I finished the full season in 2 days… It’s definitely a show that didn’t spark any stress or sadness and in 2020, I’ll take what I can get. Light-hearted, corny films for the win!


I have been grateful for hands on projects too- I am constantly needlepointing and that is always a great angst relief. I am also so grateful that I was able to take a fall road trip last week, and will never take a small trip for granted ever again! 🙂


Hi! Honestly, reading your blog helps me stay grounded and also motivates to work on my blog. I also like journaling and reading from time to time. Thanks for the post!


1) Planning a (safe) first birthday party for my little boy and buying his first birthday presents, ever
2) I got into grad school!
3) I am making headway on my postpartum health goals.
4) Coffee.
5) My husband being an absolute rock for me, lately and forever. He is the #1 best. I am truly the luckiest.
Love this list, Carly – you’re great!

Becky H

Congratulations on grad school acceptance!
And happy 1st birthday to your little man =)

Aimee Lewis

I’m all for the light hearted TV right now…started watching fall movies from the Hallmark Channel, amazing! I’m about to start Emily in Paris, looking forward to it.

Oh, and I’m loving our Peloton too… Cody is my favourite! Bye Boo!

Stephanie D.

Emily in Paris was awful – I can’t wait for Season 2! 😂 While the acting & plot weren’t super strong or believable, and it was riddled with clichés, it still made for some fun escapist viewing. Not to mention it made me miss travel!

Becky H

Love this!
My gratitude list right now is:
1. Our rowing machine was delivered today! I’m so excited to have this to add to our winter workouts. It will be great to be able to mix things up!
2. Netflix/Hulu/etc. – I love re-watching old favourites (currently: Greek on Hulu) and new releases (I binge-watched all of Emily in Paris when it came out. It was cheesy, but just what I needed to beat the doom and gloom of 2020).
3. Working on a large needlepoint pillow as a Christmas gift for my sister. And eyeing new canvases that I want for Christmas!
4. So many books! I joined BOTM a few months back, and my book club has been going strong all year, so my to-read shelf is jam-packed with great reads!
5. Spending time with friends and loved ones in more creative and intimate settings! My friends and I all did lockdown/quarantine faithfully with our respective families/households. We were finally able to have our “reunion” at the beginning of June, when the heaviest of the restrictions were lifted. We’ve been having lots of great backyard/deck/porch get-togethers, themed to the full moon, or bonfires, or just girl talk. Additionally, my bf and I have been doing great since he moved in when lockdown started in March. And lastly, family get-togethers have been much smaller than normal, but backyard BBQ’s with aunts/uncles/cousins and bi-weekly French Club with my sister and cousins has been great.

Marie M.C.

Could we see a picture of the dresses you made for your nieces? I’d love to see a post about your sewing “journey”.

Lorraine Barnes

Yes Emily in Paris is a little cheesy, but I need light-hearted right now! And Lilly Collins is soooo cute and her outfits are adorable. She actually reminds me of you ——– dark hair, cute outfits, witty and clever!!


Well just cried during the last episode of Cheer on Netflix…watched it after reading your review! Now, I’ll probably give Emily in Paris a try so thank you for the recommendations!

I’ve been reading a lot as well and got sucked in to Anna Todd’s After series. The second film is being released next week and the first (After) is on Netflix.

Coralys M

I felt the same way about Emily in Paris. Some days have been harder than others but like you said is all about trying to keep your face to the sun.

Amy F.

I’ve been inspired to start sewing because of you! Starting to look into it now 🙂

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I’ve been watching Away and the new season of Great British Bake Off! I was SO excited about Emily in Paris, specifically to see Lily Collins’ Audrey-inspired outfits. Buuut once it came out, I stopped watching after 1.5 episodes. // I’ve tried audiobooks sooo many times, but I’m such a visual learner that it almost never works out for me. However, I recently discovered that audiobooks are a great option for me for classics! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Have you talked about where/how you do French lessons? I recently started back with Duolingo but it feels like doing the minimum… also what time do you get up in the morning usually? Teach me your ways!