Henley Sweater

I just got this henley-style sweater and let me tell you… I think it might be my go-to for the next six months. IT’S SO CUTE!!! And you guys know I have no shortages of sweaters, sometimes it’s hard to pick favorites… but this one is a front-runner. I love this shade of grey. I love the slight v-neck. I love the ribbing. I love the high-low hemline. And I *love* those buttons.

I also had to replace my *favorite* jeans. After years of wearing them a few times a week and washing them way more than you’re supposed to (I like them fresh out of the dryer best), the elasticity just disappeared. I put them on, thought they felt weird, and ten minutes later they were sagging at my knees and butt. They were really my favorite, favorite pair and so I promptly ordered the same pair again. When they arrived in the mail, I rushed them over to have them hemmed and I’ve been happily reunited!

The grey is definitely the most “me,” and the color I know I’d wear the most. I wanted to let you know that it does come in a three other colors: a blue, a mauve, and a warm cream.

I should have waited to make all these purchases because right now Madewell is having a great sale. Get 20% off when you spend $100 and 30% off when you spend $200 or more!

Sweater // Jeans // Sneakers

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I know it’s more of a hassle, but I read that air drying jeans helps to keep the elasticity for longer.


Hi Carly, what size is the sweater you are wearing? We look about the same. I never know with Madewell if I should order an XS or S. Thanks!!


Just bought two 🥴 thanks for sharing this!! I’ve had it in my madewell cart but couldn’t decide because it looked iffy on the model. Seeing it on a real person convinced me to purchase. Also thanks for including something with inclusive sizes!


Love this outfit! How do those shoes compare to your supergas? Are they any more comfortable?



I think they’re more comfortable (very cushy!) but a different kind of canvas. I think these are “softer” whereas the superga are a bit sturdier!


Hm I’m interested to hear that you like it because when I tried it on I thought it was bit itchy! Does it soften up over wear? Maybe I was just a bit sensitive to it that day.


Do you find this to be itchy? I’m super sensitive to that and some of the reviews are putting me off!


I really like that sweater on you. It brings out your features and there’s such elegance in the simplicity of neutrals, you know? What is the sweater made of?