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Well, it’s another Friday. This was a great week here at home. We started on Monday morning with a trip to an indoor playground for my niece’s third birthday. My sister in law rented it out so we had the whole place to ourselves and honestly everyone, kids and adults alike, had a blast. I think the next best highlight of the week was doing the 30 minute Hamilton ride on the Peloton. Wow, it was the best!!! If you have a Peloton, I highly recommend it and you can join our hashtag #pelotonprepsters to ride with other blog readers. (I love seeing you guys on the leaderboard!)

Oh! And I voted!!! Felt so good to pop the ballot in the bin!

Our mums finally popped! I mixed it up (barely, lol) from the light orange mums I usually gravitate towards to these richer like burnt orange ones!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Cable Knit Cardigan Sweater

If I call myself a cable knit collector, does it mean I can buy everything cable knit without the guilt? Haha! I love the look of this one– between the color and the collar I have all the heart eyes!

TWO // RomComPods Season Two

My friend Becca’s latest podcast is back with another season! I’m so impressed with what they’ve done. I thought season one was great and they’ve raised their own bar for season two. Here’s the description: In 2012, Lucy’s a college intern on Wesley Davis’ campaign to become the Democratic Governor of Texas, and is harboring a MEGA crush on the candidate’s son, Lincoln. They have the perfect first date… until everything goes wrong. Fast forward 8 years later to the 2020 Presidential Campaign, and Lucy’s job depends on the guy who ghosted her… ew.

THREE // New Tretorns…

I’ve been obsessed with my Tretorn sneakers. You’ve definitely seen them quite a bit this summer as I wear them a LOT. I do NOT need a new pair… but then Tretorn released these beautiful light brown suede sneaks and they couldn’t be cuter. If you like that style but want a white sneaker, there’s a white pair where just the logo is suede.

FOUR // #ShopLocalBookstores

Independent bookstores are really struggling right now. As the holiday season approaches, if you’re going to be buying books as gifts, consider buying from your local bookstore! (I’m so sad ours already closed and I really miss being able to just pop in.) This video is true, once they’re gone… they’re gone. If you feel more comfortable shopping online, this tool helps connect you with independent stores and you can buy your audiobooks through the bookstore of your choice with

FIVE // Monogrammed Skier Mug

Is it too early to start thinking stocking stuffers?! Because these monogrammed skier mugs are too cute. (I also love the wreath with the bow.) Also love these monogrammed wine bags… great gift idea if you’re just dropping something off (safely) on a friend’s front porch!

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Lisa Mari

I really enjoyed the first two new episodes of RomComPods too! Can’t wait for the next one to drop!


Hi Carly! I just got my first tretons and can’t figure out what socks to wear with them! Any ideas? Do you wear a low cut sock? Thanks so much!


The white Trenton sneakers with the suede logo pop up on my IG feed this week and *insert heart eye emoji*