Diary No. 41

This has been an overall good two weeks. This is always when my work life gets even crazier, and while my to-do list reflects this daily, it’s actually *way* more manageable right now since I’m not really going anywhere AND being able to shoot on my own schedule versus scheduling it has been life-changing. I have so much more time for fun things since I’m not shuttling myself in and out of the city for events and meetings. Overall, it’s been a positive change and I think my personal life reflects that.

I haven’t *officially* changed my name yet because I wanted to make sure I voted first! But for all intents and purposes, I’m going by it already. Surcie sent me these beautiful stationery sets. The monograms are divine and the lined envelopes really pop.

The mornings (and some days) have been so cold. Nothing like getting cozy on the couch with a pup! Mike, the dogs, and I all are obsessed with the Chappy wrap blankets. It’s necessary to have more than one because I have no intentions of sharing, ha!

I’m just so obsessed with the Peloton!!! I love Cody’s classes the most, and I don’t care if it’s basic. There’s a reason he’s so popular! The best part of my workout is that Teddy and Hamilton hang out in the sunroom with me. They love the Dogwood Co bed. I had originally just put it here for an Instagram, but they really love hanging out with me while I spin so it’s going to stay there!

I had some fantastic work-related news and so I bought myself some flowers to celebrate. I ordered from Grace Rose Farm. They send the flowers when they’re still buds and I have to admit that I was skeptical because they did not look great out of the box. But after two days, the opened up SO nicely!! I am impressed.

I started framing some of our favorite wedding pictures! A neighbor gave us this scalloped frame for our wedding. Seeing the pictures bring me so much joy, honestly. Takes me right back.

I met my friend Maddie for lunch and we planned to needlepoint while there. We ended up going to an outdoor cafe and stitching even more. I loaded my little bag up with the thread and it kind of cracked me up.

I also ordered a wedding album through Artifact Uprising. I had a bunch of questions about how I did it because it can be overwhelming to build it yourself. I pre-selected what photos I wanted. That is, I only uploaded photos I’d want to use, but I did upload a few options in case the layout was different, like a portrait and a landscape of the same family shot. Narrowing that down right away helped. And I worked in order of the day, grouping photos into layouts based on the time. Every night for three nights, I worked on it for an hour or two. I think it probably took me five hours total just because I wanted it just right!

Our peppers are still taking off!!! We’ve had a bunch of rainy days and they always seem to grow like weeds overnight when that happens. I love love love going out to check on them.

Celebrated our niece’s third birthday (not pictured, this is the baby!) at an indoor playground. It was so fun and it’s big enough for adults to climb around with the kids.

It felt SO GOOD to vote. I’ve been having frequent dreams that I forgot to vote or I lost my ballot or I missed the deadline or I fill it out incorrectly and my vote doesn’t count. I felt a weight off my shoulder getting our ballot into the drop-in box!

 The dogs got groomed this week– such fluff balls. I was leashing Teddy up to take him to the park and realized his coat was a near perfect match for my fleece!!.

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How was the indoor playground as it relates to Covid? My son loves those places but I’ve been nervous to take him. I did find one you can rent out privately for a small group, but interested to hear your thoughts.


My sister in law rented the whole place! So it was just us!! I wouldn’t do it if other people were there but it was AMAZING to have the whole place to ourselves.

Marietta Winchester

Love the vase! I do Ikebana and always look for interesting pottery to display my arrangements!
I look forward to your posts! Your house is beautiful! Congrats on your marriage!


I was asked to drop off my brother & BIL’s absentee ballots with mine. I had them for two weeks before I found the time to drop them off. I was terrified I’d throw them in the recycling in a cleaning fit. Drop them off two weeks ago & it felt SO GOOD.

Christine S.

I love your Vote T-shirt so much!! I’m hoping to drop our ballots off this weekend.

Denise Groulx

Here, in Quebec, when we marry we keep our maiden name. This was decided in the 80’s. I never married because I didn’t want to change my family name! Now it’s legal for almost 40 years. So much so that it is incomprehensible for me to understand why a woman would want to give up her name. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love our husband. Just that we don’t get subordinate to him (for the symbolism). I’m only commenting here, not judging anybody.


I would love to see a post about your garden; how you did it, how many of each plant, care/maintenance, etc. I started one this year and it didn’t fare as well as I’d hoped!


I so need the Vote shirt lol I’m heading to vote Thursday lol This is the first post I’ve read of yours and I really like the diary post! I too need to plan a friend craft session, Covid has been such a drag.