Meet Samantha

Guys… I did it. I found an official Pleasant Company American Girl costume on eBay last December with the full intention of wearing it for Halloween 2020. Yep. Having the real life girl costume was a DREAM of mine as a kid and, yea, whatever I’m no in my thirties, but that childhood dream never fully went away.

I think about all of the toys my sister and I played with as kids. Out of everything, our American Girl Dolls were the most treasured. Weย loved our dolls. The books were also some of the more influential ones I read as I kid. (To this day it irritates me that they were only worth one AR point. IYKYK.)


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What a fun costume! I was a big Kirsten fan!
I like to click over to your blog as a โ€œpalate cleanserโ€ or breath of air when Iโ€™m reading news and today did not disappoint! (That said, I do appreciate your political and weightier posts as well)

Christine S.

I knew it was going to be an American Girl costume!! This is super cute, Samantha was my favorite. And I sooo feel you on the AR points – I remember forcing myself to read Gone With the Wind back in the day just for the points.


I absolutely love this so much! I was really excited to check your page this morning.

Happy Halloween!!!

Letta J.

Oh, yes! I LOVE this costume! And ugh AR points…always so frustrating! I remember checking out ten American Girl books at a time and reading them as fast as possible so I could rack up points ๐Ÿ˜‚

Rebekah Longabaugh


Nailed it! I love American Girl Dolls, and I too, am in my thirties. This made me so happy!!


SO. GOOD. And I totally get ya that the American Girl books were worth so little AR points. Drove me nuts, lol. Happy Halloween, Carly!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandra B.

I love your Samantha costume!!! I did not grow up with American Dolls but I would of love to have one!! My daughter has a few of them and of course are in storage for when my daughter has daughters in her future.

Sarah T

OMG AR points! All of a sudden I was back in elementary school. God bless my school librarian, because I read constantly and was also the pickiest child when it came to books. Mrs. Morris was so patient with helping me find things I’d like to read!


That’s a great costume! My sister and I loved our American Girl Dolls.

Have you ever been to the Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ? It’s a historic house museum and so fun (if you like things like historic house museums :)).

While they aren’t doing inside tours right now, the grounds are open, the exterior is lovely. Aaron Burr lived there for some time with his future wife, and several of the rooms are displayed with the Victorian-style furnishings of the later homeowners. It has a very “Samantha” feel!


This.Is.Perfect. I’m obsessed!! Definitely working on Kit costume for next year–perfect inspiration!


When you DO buy your bookstore, these photos need to be FRAMED in the children’s section! They’re brilliant!


DYING. This is perfect. I still have my Samantha nightgown from 1995 and I’m 36 now, yet somehow STILL FITS ME? I always have to try it on when I visit my parents’ house.