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It was a pretty normal week here and I’m looking forward to this weekend. We are doing a family fun day with outdoor games. Last year we did the same thing and it remains one of the most fun days.  I’m also curious to see how Halloween plays out. Our town didn’t cancel Halloween but I’m not sure if we’ll get any trick or treaters. From the Facebook group it seems pretty iffy… We were going to put a bowl at the end of our driveway and just hang out on the porch but it’s TBD.

Similar Blazer // Shirt // Sunglasses

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Golden Coil Planners

I don’t do paper planners anymore (I’m all digital now), but for some reason I can’t stop lusting over them year after year. I got a targeted Facebook ad for Golden Coil and I was blown away by how genius the whole set up is. You can fully customize your planner for exactly what you need and want. Plus, the covers are super cute! If you’re in the market for a paper planner, take a look… and let me know what you think!

TWO // Pearl Bow Earrings

Anyone need a festive pair of earrings? I love how dainty these are while still being what I’d consider a “statement” earring. I love pearl earrings and I love a velvet bow, combining the two? Perfection.

THREE // Baby-Sitters Club Season Two

loved the Baby-Sitters Club reboot on Netflix. I watched it twice this summer, no shame. I saw on Facebook that they got the green light for a second season and I rejoiced. (Then promptly sent it to three of my friends who were just as obsessed with the series as I was!)

FOUR //  Peloton Desk

After hearing a few friends rave about this desktop for the Peloton bike, I went for it. I do a lot of DM-answering on my phone when I’m not trying to go all out and I love the idea of using the bike as a stand-in desk. I would use it while doing the Just Ride feature– versus during an instructor led class. Mike is excited for it too! It is really sturdy. I was impressed with the quality!!

FIVE // Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Loss

I wanted to end with this Medium article written by Chrissy Teigen. It’s about what she went through with pregnancy loss, so be mindful when you click over about whether it’s something you’re prepared/ready/able to read. There is such power in her words and vulnerability and I know there are other women and families who will benefit from her story, either because they’ve gone through it or may go through it down the road.

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I saw a halloween hack somewhere that was clever- they used PVC pipe and built a candy shoot at a social distancing length. I thought that was a great idea. Homeowner’s one side dropping candy in and still interacting with kiddos and family and kids picking up the candy out the bottom.


Yes! I know a few people in our neighborhood are doing that! I don’t think we’re going to get as many trick or treaters, otherwise I totally would!


Hi Carly! Could you share what digital planner(s) you use? I am currently looking for a good planner, either digital or paper, and I would love any recommendation!


I am using a Golden Coil planner for the first time this year! I taught school for years until I stayed home with my three children so I always view the year as August to July. I can’t help it! Even now, I still see the year as a school year. I love that I could personalize it by adding reading lists, online orders, etc… I LOVE my Golden Coil and can’t see myself ever going back to any other paper organizer. LOVE.


So confused about Halloween in our neighborhood too! We live on a really big hill that is also a cul de sac. So not many trick or treaters and we know all the local kids. So I texted all the mom and asked about fav candies (and secretly asked all the spouses too). Made custom candy bags for each family with some grown up treats (nips!) in some! 🤞🏼Kids are happy and moms and dads get some treats of their own!


I am so excited to hear about your family fun activity day – the apple bobbing last year had me smiling so wide. 🙂
THANK YOU for sharing The Babysitters Club news…I CAN’T WAIT!
I typically always go for the Moleskine planner. I actually prefer no coil (in the past it meant it wouldn’t get caught on things in my bag) BUT damn, Golden Coil is very nice looking! Love that you can have info printed in! Maybe I need to increase my planner budget…..


I’ve fluctuated between online and paper planning systems, but I‘ve loved Golden Coil for keeping track of things the past few years. It’s a great place to keep to do lists, meals, meeting outcomes, etc all in one place. They make just notebooks (instead of planners) too!

Sara K.

I love my Golden Coil planners so much that when I needed a new journal I also got a notebook. The paper quality is INSANE. Worth every penny.