White Jeans for Fall

We’ve been having very, very fall-y days and it’s making me so in the mood for Halloween. (I’ve also been watching Sabrina on Netflix and that’s *definitely* getting me into the spooky spirit.) Our mornings have been dark, the days have been drizzly and foggy, and I kind of love it. Normally it wouldn’t be my preference. Maybe it’s the year? Maybe it’s my mood? But I’m here for the cozy weather. I keep repeating to myself: it’s cozy not gloomy… it’s cozy, not gloomy. And I think it’s working.

Now despite it being full time fall over here, I’m still wearing my white jeans. I think as long as you style them with fall items, they work and the rule about white after Labor Day is super outdated anyway. (Even the Emily Post Institute agrees, ha.)

This blouse from Madewell is one of my favorite purchases from the year. It’s so comfortable and I am obsessed with the color. Works great with dark jeans, as I’ve mostly worn them, but I also love the vibe with white jeans too.

Floral Top // White Jeans // Flats (c/o, SARAHFLINT-CARLY for $50 off your first order) // Crossbody (c/o)

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Christine S.

Thank you!! White is acceptable year-round. And I think winter whites are super cute (even though thankfully we’re still a ways out from that).


I am going to start using your cozy not gloomy motto, I love that. Especially because it is going to be two days of rain here in NJ…but I am lighting a candle, making an oat milk latte and calling it cozy 🙂 Thanks, Carly!


I love this look and I’m completely leaning into the cozy fall feeling! For the winter, I typically switch from white jeans to white corduroy pants and wear them until spring.