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I’m definitely on the hunt for a new handbag to use throughout the fall. I have a few great bags for the summer, but now I need to get a couple for cooler months.
I’ve had my eye on this scalloped bag from Asos for a long time. I blogged about it in the Blair Eadie Style Guide and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. One of my friends purchased it after seeing it on the blog and seriously every time I see her with it, I get a pang of jealousy. It’s adorable.
The brown and the black options are both great…. Would it be wrong to get both?
What do you think? What handbag will you carry throughout the fall?

Shop some more of my favorites below:

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It would totally not be wrong to get both! But If I could only chose one, I would pick the brown, just because there are so many amazing black handbags, but that brown Asos bag is a great versatile saddle-brown shade!

AJ | TheAJMinute

Sophie and Melissa

I actually own the brown version of that bag and I adore it! I bought is as a bookbag alternative and I've used it daily ever since. The brown goes with everything because its neither too brown nor too tan!

Jennifer S.

I would do the brown, personally. I think it looks better in this design and will age better. Now I'm seriously considering getting one myself to carry all of my work and school stuff in this fall!


I just ordered the black! The sale price swayed me. But the brown is SO lovely as well. Thanks for posting– helped me find a new fall bag very easily.