There once was a trip to Nantucket…

While Mackenzie and I were coming back from the Hamptons, we scheduled a trip to Nantucket. As in, Mackenzie made me block off the dates in my Google calendar because… well… I’m notorious for not actually taking vacations. Mackenzie, Emily, and Amy were all part of of the gang. (Oh and Mackenzie’s younger brothers whom I now love.)
The trip was amazing.
Getting there took 26 hours (more on that later) and included just about every form of transportation possible: cabs, planes, shuttles, buses, and ferries. (Mackenzie took the train from Connecticut that morning so we even have that covered.)
Regardless of how we got there, once we did we had plenty of girl time, plenty of relaxing, and plenty of fun. Maybe even a little bit too much fun.
I spent so much time growing up by the water and on the water as a coxswain. I definitely took it for granted. There is something absolutely rejuvenating about the water and my little city body needs more of it. New goal in life? Have a beach or lake house.
Well… I can officially cross skinny-dipping off my bucket list. Shhh.
On Tuesday night, Mackenzie chartered a sailboat. We stocked up on fruit, cheese, and champagne… oh, and stripes.
I’m second from the left. Amy took this picture and it just cracks me up. So many stripes, so little time.
(So windy. French braids were necessary throughout the entire trip.)


Amy took the next three photos too. (Have I mentioned how amazing she is with a camera?)


I’m so thankful for my friendship with everyone. Especially Mackenzie. It’s crazy to think that we became friends through blogging (thank you blogging universe). And she introduced me to her cousin Emily and Amy! Living in the city is just so much better with great friends.
(oh and I love my new Nikon 1 J3)


We went out on the sailboat at 5:30 and it was the perfect time for the sun. Beautiful!


Invasion. Totally felt like Gasparilla (shout out for my Tampa readers).



Mackenzie’s brother! Give him a call.
On Wednesday, we were sadly returning to the city in the afternoon. But we spent the morning with Mackenzie’s grandmother (a total sweetheart) and exploring ‘Sconset.

Then we squeezed in a few extra hours of beach and ocean time (and some more skinny-dipping) before going to the airport. Note, we went straight from the beach to the airport… with sandy shoes, soaking hair, and wet swimsuits.

Have you ever been on a trip with your friends? Did you have a blast too?


PS More pictures from the trip are on my Instagram!

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Molly Gunson

This reminded me of my trip to OCNJ with my dear friend a few weeks ago. I'd never been to the Jersey Shore as we usually go south to Maryland, but it was such a great time that I think I'll have to schedule a trip back some time. I'm glad you all had fun! It's so nice to get out of town.


Chloe Logan

Which Jacks are you wearing with the white jeans and shirt? The link goes to Nantucket Golds, but yours look like they're white with gold stitching–which I want!


Nantucket will forever be my favorite place, especially because of the memories I have there with my family 🙂 A little slice of heaven!

Jordyn Sifferman

I officially have added Nantucket on my vacation wish list, it looks like you had the most beautiful and wonderful time. And all of your stripes are perfectly adorable!
Now I am itching for a summer trip with my best friends (involving skinny dipping…obviously).


Looks wonderful Carly. I'm going to a cottage with some friends this weekend, here's hoping we have as lovely weather as you!

Shira Engel

This post is total inspiration for me! I am about to enter my senior year of college and me + a big group of my friends from freshman year are all going to Nantucket the last week of August. I have never been and this post makes me even more excited than I already was for a VACATION (this summer has been an adventure in working a lot so a light at the end of the tunnel is quite welcome).

Christen B.

Any recommendations on places to go? I'm spending a week in Nantucket for my honeymoon this June and then a week in Boston. We are debating whether or not to rent a car in Boston for day trips to a year nearby cities. I'd love any advice you could give!