Scalloped Capris

I’m trying to make better choices when it comes to shopping. Instead of impulsively walking out of a store with things I think I need or buying outfits with only one event in mind, I’m going to try to be better about purchasing things that can be worn often and styled differently.
These Kate Spade scalloped pants are definitely topping my shopping list right now. 
Wee! Yes, please.

More Kate Spade new arrivals I’m loving:

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These are super cute, but the price tag is a different story. I am trying to buy more classic items as well instead of just whatever I think I "want". If I knew I would get great use out of them I would definitely splurge and buy them. Maybe I need to see them on me before making that decision.

P.S. This is my first time on your blog & consider me a follower. I'm a new blogger and enjoy new friends. Stop by Boarding Together!


Shopping is a huge issue for me. I hate it, but I need new clothes, especially classic pieces that I can wear for work/school, plus more casual stuff for play that could potentially double for work clothes. These capris are really cute and would be great dressy or casual.


Ah! So cute! I love how they can be worn with almost anything and the Audrey flair they have going for them 🙂