The Secret Life of a College Prepster

I’m adding a new segment to my blog’s repertoire called The Secret Life of a College Prepster. There are many, many other college students out there writing blogs and I thought it would be interesting to introduce them to y’all (in case you didn’t already know them).

Unlike my Confessions of a College Prepster posts, these will be a little bit more sporadic. If you have a question you want answered by another College Prepster, let me know and I’ll find someone to answer it!

The inaugural Secret Life is written by Katie from Let’s Be Preppy! She’s a Freshman at USC. I’ve been following her blog since she was still in high school. It was really interesting to follow her blog as she went through the process of deciding which college to attend, as I had gone through similar experiences. She’s fully acclimated to college life now, and here is what she thinks being a College Prepster is all about:

Being a College Prepster to me means a few things, but a CP is not limited to any of this. First of all, it means getting immersed in college. Find a few things and GET INVOLVED. CP’s cheer on their alma mater NO MATTER WHAT. Even if it means wearing a shirt that says, “COCKS” on it, you have college pride. And it runs deep. Getting involved will keep you occupied, you won’t get homesick and you’ll be meeting people. CP’s love joining student organizations or maybe even starting their own! CP’s also study. They pay attention in class—in the front of the room for large classes, ask questions, and have no problems admitting when they need help or are very stressed. CP’s (usually) go to class and do homework. CP’s also enjoy going out, but always staying classy. They don’t go crazy or overboard, always staying in CP control. After all, CP’s are very type-A and like to know what’s going on at all times. CP’s will generally seek out other CP’s, but don’t confine their friends to all CP’s. They also get dressed for class. You will rarely see a CP wearing sweats to class. Jeans are the most casual it gets. If a CP is in sweats, generally it’s exam time or an 8am class—the 8am’s are quite possibly a CP’s worst enemy! Although not fun, CP’s make it through with a good attitude and a fabulous Lilly shift.

A lot goes into being a College Prepster. It is all about how you see it individually. Certainly CP’s are much more than what I just stated.

Katie and the USC mascot Cocky- This picture is completely College Prepster!!!

Katie is a Student Ambassador, which means she works in the visitors center and gives tours. here she is with a banner she painted for Homecoming.

Katie’s dorm- Guess which side is hers!!! This is from the beginning of the year, since then she and her roommate have added more decoration. (I really love looking at pictures of other CP’s dorm rooms…. such good inspiration!)

Lastly, here’s Katie with other Student Ambassadors. They’re allowed on the field during football games!!!

Be sure to check out Katie’s blog… recently she posted an AWESOME tutorial on how to tie a scarf!

PS Katie knows my current roommate- small world!!!

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Hannah Smith

I love this idea! I am a student at USC also (Go Gamecocks!)…I read both of your blogs regularly…I Cant wait to see more segments like this one!


Oh, College Days…(stop laughing Carly)!!! I remember them well…although I cannot participate with this gig…I can offer advice to you and your followers. These are the most important, self defining years of the person you will become…wishing ALL of you the very best before stepping out into what is referred to as, "the Real World" I really enjoy following all of you. Enjoy life and stay happy!!!


This is so cute! I graduated from USC so I'm excited to start following her blog. She must be in the new dorms because that looks WAY nicer than my freshman dorm did!


I love this! Your blog is amazing! Do you have any tips for ladies that are about to move to Columbia? I graduate from Southern Wesleyan in December and have applied for several jobs in Cola, but I have no clue where to start looking for an apartment, places to eat, to shop, ect! I would loooove for you to do a post about that kind of stuff. A crash course of Columbia, if you will 🙂