SWAK- Sealed With a Kiss

I remember way back in middle school, Juicy tubes were the in thing. If your lips didn’t have at least a half inch of the gloss, you were just not cool.

I could not stand having that goo slathered on… My hair would get stuck every two minutes and I hated the fake taste of it.

I find good ole fashioned chap-stick the best thing out there for dry lips- especially during the winter weather. Today was so windy, Little V and I went shopping on M street. I had to stop into CVS and pick up some chap-stick because I had run out of my favorites!

I typically keep a stick in my coxswain bag, three in my purse, one in my Vera Bradley card holder, one in my bathroom tote, a couple on my dresser, one in my backpack, and a few floating around my desk. I simply cannot live without it!

My all-time, no questions asked, hands down favorite kind is the Burt’s Bees pomegranate. It’s seriously legit. I love the regular Burt’s too (NEVER honey one, so gross!!!), but the pomegranate gives a smidge of color to your lips. Perfection.

Soft Lips are pretty good too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vanilla! I just bought a Cherry flavored one… Little V approves! I’d stay away from the shimmery ones… They make your lips pale and sheer, sort of weird!
Chap Stick brings me back so many memories! The smell of it reminds me of when we used to live in Boston and would go out and play in the snow!!!
Lip Smackers are amazing!!! Confession: Colie Bolie, Sporty Sister, and I had a Lip Smackers club back in the day. I swear, we had nearly every flavor they made back then. The collection would spend half the time at our house and half the time at Colie’s house. Our motto: “Lip Smackers Rule- Bon Bon’s drool!” Hahahaha… They’ve come out with some interesting flavors, but the classics are the way to go (Bubble Gum, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, etc.) My favorite? Pink Lemonade!!!

I wear chap-stick all the time and for every occasion. I have handfuls of Bobbi Brown lip glosses from various Homecomings and Proms, but I just don’t like the feeling of the gloss. I find chap-stick to be much more classy and preppy.

What do yall think? What are your favorite brands/flavors?

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Right now, my sister and I are trying to find one that we REALLY like and that makes your lips softer, and less dry. We have tried all of the ones you listed above, but they have not been working the way we wanted them to. All though this is not a glamorous chap stick, I think car maxx is pretty good. (At least right now.) Its like this red and yellow tub. So not very cute advertising, but anyways, thats just my opinion.


I'm a huge BB fan, especially because I try to avoid petroleum based products. dr. hauschka makes great lip balms, too.


I'm obsessed with chapstick as well! In high school, a friend once forgot her backpack at someone's house that we'd gone to for lunch. When we got back to school and realized she didn't have it, the first words out of my mouth were, "But what about your chapstick?!"
Haha, I would be lost without mine.


Hmmm!!!…so many choices!!! My favorite has always been Neutrogena! The instant lip remedy is a life saver during really cold and dry months.


I'm SUCH a Burt's Bees fan too, but for gloss on special occasions you can't beat Smith's Rosebud Salve. If you've never tried it you should definitely check it out, its the perfect amount of gloss without going over the top! xo, Emme


I've heard tons of good things about so many of those lip balms you've listed but I have severely dry lips (we're talking that I am LUCKY if I get it under control–I pretty much never wear lipstick b/c it totally shows how bad they are). I've tried MANY lip balms (including the ones you listed–I'm allergic to Burt's Bees, and "organic" ones, even ones listed in magazines supposedly for "chapped lips") and I found one not listed that I like and seems to do a pretty decent job–Nivea Essential Care. It works pretty darn well and it's only a couple bucks. 🙂