Sephora Sale

The Sephora sale started a bit ago and just opened up for all Insiders. I don’t spend enough money on beauty products throughout the year to get higher status. (Though, I think I may have one year when I lived walking distance to Sephora and I would go there for everything, including “pick me ups.”)

Use “SPRINGSAVE” at checkout for 10% off your order!

This is when I like to stock up on staples that I know I’m going to use up throughout the year. I hate “running low” on my favorite beauty products so I tend to buy a few when they go on sale to stock up. But if you want more of a treat, might be worth taking advantage of the sale.


Kiehl’s Cannabis Oil: TRUST ME. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. The oil has changed my skin for the better. It is amazing for acne-prone people. Ever since I posted it, I’ve been getting DMs and emails from you guys about how it’s also helped your skin and it makes me so, so happy to hear.

Supergoop! Glowscreen: This is a sunscreen but it’s also a bit of a tinted moisturizer. I don’t know what kind of magic they’ve bottled but the glow your skin will have after using this product is UN. REAL.

Origins Mega Mushroom Mask: One of my favorite face masks. You can wipe it off or leave it on overnight like you would a moisturizer. The mushroom formula really helps calm my skin when it’s having a flare up.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion: This is a very great scrub. I use it whenever I feel like I need to do a deep cleaning of my skin. I also ALWAYS use it when I’ve used heavy duty sunscreen– I’ll do the scrub on my face, neck, and chest to make sure I get all the sunscreen out of my pores at the end of the day.

Soy Fresh Cleanser: I’m buying this in bulk right now. I like the jumbo size for home (especially now that Mike uses it too, ha!) and I also buy a few of the minis because they’re great to travel with.


Bobbi Brown Foundation: I try new foundations all the time, but I keep coming back to this one. I like how it’s buildable and gives nice coverage without being cakey.

Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Shaper: This is my “ride or die” when it comes to makeup. It’s the BEST for eyebrows and if I do one makeup step in a given day, it’s THIS.

Climax Mascara: I need more mascara so I’ll definitely be stocking up on some more tubes of this. I like the actual mascara and the shape of the wand for application.

Ilia Lipsticks: This is actually a clean beauty brand. I REALLY love their lipsticks. The color is gorgeous.

Nars Blush: The “orgasm” color is the best.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer: A classic for me– I’ve used this bronzer for years and keep coming back to it.

Urban Decay Eyeliner: I’m stocking up on a few of these. It’s my favorite eyeliner as it goes on nice and smooth. You can do a super fine line or build it up for something a little more dramatic.



Dae Daily Shampoo and Conditioner: I started using this a few weeks ago and I really love the shampoo. I use Head and Shoulders regularly for scalp care but like to mix in a fun shampoo and conditioner every few washes. I LOVE how it smells– super sweet and it actually stays on your hair once it’s dry. My hair is always so silky afterward!

Drybar Clear Shampoo: As a brunette, I struggle with dry shampoo that leaves my hair looking “dusty.” This is a CLEAR dry shampoo. While it doesn’t work as well as a regular formula, it makes my hair look the best. I only use it on Day 2 hair (and shampoo the next day), so I wouldn’t recommend using this to extend a blowout a week or anything. But it’s GREAT for Day 2 hair and doesn’t leave your hair with those tell-tale dry shampoo signs regular ones do.

T3 Trio Wands: This is my favorite curling iron. It’s how I get my loose curls!

Dyson Hair Dryer: A worthy splurge!!!! This is what I’m using to blow dry my hair and I am loving the results.

Drybar Round Brush: A fantastic brush for giving yourself an at-home blow out.


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Taylor Cunningham

Great product list! I got the Dyson Air Wrap since I had 20% off, and it arrived yesterday. I am obsessed! A great product to buy in the sale if anyone has been considering it.


I might try the Kiehl’s oil. Do you put it on top of a moisturizer or instead of a moisturizer? Thanks I’m advance!