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This week was a major rollercoaster. Well, to be fair, it’s felt like a rollercoaster for the past two months, but this week was up and down by the hour. I definitely had my “worst” day since the first week this all went down. I went to bed feeling panicky (I may have Googled “is my chest pain anxiety or COVID) and woke up on the wrong side of the bed so to speak. I try to keep as positive as possible but I really started to have a sense of suspended reality. I’ve moved on in a good way mentally, knowing I can’t think more than one day at a time at this point… and I have to be okay with nothing more.

I’m also kind of at that point where I’m getting tired of Instagram and overly perfect pictures (I’m guilty of this!). So in case you’re wondering what it’s actually like at the moment, see above.

Okay here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // The House Emily Henderson Almost Bought

Anyone else been searching for longer, fun pieces on the internet to read? I’m all about quick reads too, but there’s something nice about having a 10-15 minute escape. (Not to be confused with the rabbit holes searching the news can lead to.) I loved Emily Henderson’s post about the house they almost bought– they were able to interview and give a tour of how the owners designed it.

TWO // Whale Cribbage

THANK YOU guys for all the amazing two-player game recommendations. A few people commented about Cribbage and someone also alerted me to this WHALE version. Yep, promptly ordered. Then I texted Mike, “Get ready, we need to learn how to play Cribbage!”

THREE // How to Support Independent Bookstores

My friend Jackie did a great round up of ways to support independent bookstores while in quarantine. Independent Bookstore Day is supposed to be tomorrow (it’s been postponed until the end of the summer), but is doing a virtual day in the meantime!

FOUR // Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken Meatballs

These meatballs look SO delicious– need to add them into the dinner rotation! It’s a good recipe to have on hand when you’re craving takeout.

FIVE // Funnelneck

Yes! I’m sharing this again. The price is still insanely low (down to $12 now with code: 5DAYS). It’s the best selling product of the YEAR so far on my blog… can’t wait to virtually twin with everyone!

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Carly, thanks again for sharing this. And thank you about being open and honest about the “not so perfect life” (which we all have to deal with right now) and the anxiety that comes with it. I have a very bad day today and the whole situation is just too overwhelming. I know that maybe tomorrow will be better, but it is quite a rollercoaster ride and I guess it will be for some time to come. One things that helps me the most is to go outside an DO stuff. Riding a bike, going for a walk or gardening is always worth a try. And if you have a.) a garden and b.) a partner a game of Speedminton is also great. I came across this game when I was seaching for a badminton alternative that can also be played when it is a bit windy. It is a great exercise for every muscle group and a lot of fun, too. Maybe worth a try?


Just bought the J.Crew funnelneck for $11.49! And the striped perfect-fit turtleneck like the one you wore on Instagram a day or so back for $7.49! Trying to avoid spending money during Covid-19 but when the sales are so good…


This week too has probably been the toughest for me. I am an “essential” worker and feel so grateful to be employed but feel extremely run down mentally and physically. It’s been a long last couple of months. I am taking a mini break from work and taking the next few days off to focus on my mental health. Self care is so so important right now. Take care of yourself!


Thank you Kate for being out there during this insane period of time. ❤️

Mackenzie Kukavica

You convinced my mom and I to buy the navy and white striped funnel neck pullover and we cannot wait to receive them!! We will be twinning from afar 😊


My funnelneck is arriving today. I’m not a frequent online purchaser, but I am PUMPED for this.


I’m tired of social media too! I got rid of Instagram a long time ago because I couldn’t handle the overly perfect photos, but I’m tired of coronavirus memes and people shaming others on Facebook. Also, I hope next week is a better week for you!


Thank you for being so honest about your journey with anxiety. I am in my mid-twenties and have started dealing with it as well over the last year (ugh, the chest pain!!) and am always so encouraged reading your posts. You singing Headspace’s praises pushed me to try it months ago as well. I find myself turning to your blog more and more so thank you, thank you! 🙂


Nothing I’ve related more to than googling about chest pain. I had so much chest pain the first 2-3 weeks of this which thankfully subsided a bit, I’ve just been trying to focus on the fact that I am doing all I can do through this and everything else is out of my control. But I’ve also really appreciated your transparency on Instagram! It’s nice to know everyone else is going through this roller coaster of emotions as well! Anyways stay well and hope you have a good weekend!

Meg Reichel

We are OBSESSED with cribbage! Such as easy game to take to a bar, on a trip (when we can leave the house again) – my friends know I always have ‘purse cribbage’ and my board actually holds a deck of cards in it along with the pegs!