Diary No. 30

Another two weeks in the books. Sharing some snaps from my iPhone.

We have had a couple of really gorgeous weekends. Not super warm, but nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun. When we bought the house we knew the backyard was going to need a lot of work and right now we’re just doing phases. I even hung some lights over the table we have on the patio. Our dinner parties right now are, obviously, just for two people…. but why not make it lovely anyway?

Ever since I started needlepointing, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at finishing. I probably should have attempted a plain pillow first and then tried the needlepoint. But it’s quarantine and I figured I should dive into the deep end. It’s not perfect and there are things I’d do differently if I were doing it again, but I love this little guy so much! This is before I filled it. Cutting into the canvas was the scariest part– there was no going back!

I’ve been working in weird spots around the house. Mike has been working downstairs but he takes a lot of calls and attends a lot of meetings so I stay upstairs mostly so I don’t have to listen to each meeting hah. I was sitting on the floor next to the bed and Hammy was just staring me down. Made me giggle.

It may still be spring according to the calendar, but we’ve been doing a lot of grilling. I love it because it keeps the kitchen clean!

Why is fresh mulch so satisfying????

I made some masks for my friend and her family. She dropped off an ice cream kit in exchange and I thought it was the nicest thing ever.

While my everyday looks have been on the casual side of things. I couldn’t resist getting dressed up one Friday night. It took zero effort to throw the dress on and add some earrings but felt like we were celebrating something special! Even though it was like every other night at home.

A new dutch oven… we’ve already put it to good use and I want to try making a crusty bread in it this weekend. (This is the 5.5 quart in matte white.)

I used some of the hydrangea fabric (from the table runner I chopped up) to make the dogs matching bandanas. Nothing fancy, just cut a square on the diagonal to create to triangles and sewed a hem along all three sides for each. Bam. I also did an IGTV for the masks to show you how simple it is! 

Another quick project I did… Scrunchies. Ridiculously easy and there are a few ways to make them. I might to an IGTV about this too because it’s fun and a great beginner project. I’ll probably end up with scrunchies for every outfit by the time this is over.

A sweet snoozing pup.

Coffee is the MVP right now as far as I’m concerned. I love it and it’s also the best way to break up my day…. Mike and I used to wait until 3ish to have a second bout but now we’re pushing it even earlier. Worth it. Love it. Need more of it.

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Lisa Mari

Yes please for a scrunchie IGTV! As always, loved your little diary! And yay for it being No.30!


Yes, simple sewing lessons please! I’m a very beginner and have a machine but really don’t know much about it. My daughter is interested, we would love that!


I can’t wait to see how your bread turns out in your Dutch oven! I have been baking bread like crazy – it was actually one of my New Years Resolutions. I guess one positive of this quarantine is that I’ve been able to get a lot of practice. Carly’s Baking Club will be the new Stitch & Book club LOL

Rachel Frank

One thought on bread baking in the dutch oven–if you keep it on your stovetop like I do, it gets splattered with small amounts of oil. When you then put it in a hot oven, that oil turns black. Your white LeCreuset is so beautiful, I wanted to warn you. Barkeeper’s friend and a lot of elbow grease will get any marks off, but it’s easier to just clean it first. Good luck with the bread!

Denise Olsen

Completely agree about fresh mulch! I wish it looked like that the whole summer.:}


Your mask sewing tutorial on IGTV was so helpful — would love to see a scrunchie video at some point, when you have time 🙂 I really appreciate the creative inspiration!

Biby Chacon

I just purchased a new dutch oven and made some sourdough bread this past week! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process just remember to be patient.

Biby Chacon

I just purchased a new dutch oven and made some sourdough bread this past week! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process, just remember to be patient.



Watching the way you and Mike have tackled quarantine with such boundless positivity AND a dash of sober tips, tricks, and gravity around the pandemic has been so helpful and joyful to watch. Truly a bright spot for me in many days filled with anxiety or worry. While I have been a frequent visitor to your blog over a number of years and also enjoy reading your posts, lately I come specifically for a dose of sunshine and joy. Thanks for all that you’ve been posting, the reminders that we can get through this together, that we can keep ourselves busy with new joys and new projects, all the whilst supporting our friends and communities have been so, so good. Be safe and well!


oh man, coffee is totally the MVP of my life right now, too. looks like you’re able to have some fun (& do a lot of good) despite the pandemic lockdown! keep on keepin’ on!


That’s a pretty scrunchies! I’ve been meaning to create something and this would make a really good little project to do at home. Hope you could do a bit of tutorial on this some time in the future! ❤