September & October Jackets

The weather (read: temperature) is definitely beginning to taper off. And I definitely do not hate it.
I have mixed feelings about coats and jackets though, particularly in the early fall months. (One thing that I do love about jackets is always having a pocket… or two… to store things in.) I love the way jackets look in the store, but they’re an added hassel when going in and out of buildings. Plus, I always find it awkward to carry a shoulder handbag when wearing a coat. Am I alone in this, or do you feel the same way?
It’s also super easy to throw on a peacoat or a quilted jacket later in the fall when it’s legitimately chilly out. But what about when it’s in between?
Here are my picks for jackets for September & October:
GAP | Shrunken Blazer // The perfect way to add an extra layer without adding the bulk of an actual jacket is to throw on a blazer. This is also a godsend when you’re commuting to work (like me) in extraordinarily warm subway stations and then working in super chilly offices. (I’m always the one begging to turn the A/C up!!!)
GAP | Nylon Parka // This is just super adorable, right? A pink jacket is so fun. I love how lightweight this coat is… it could easy be balled up (I’m guilty of this…) and thrown in a tote bag just in case the weather cools off throughout the day.
Old Navy | Lightweight Peacoat // Who wouldn’t want a yellow peacoat? It’s a fun summer color, but on a coat it’s a great seasonal transition piece.  This is also a good way to achieve a fall look, without sweltering!
Old Navy | Hooded Anorak // These are definitely making a comeback. My sister and I used to wear them all the time when we were little. I really love the bright green!
What coat/blazer/jacket do you grab when the weather gets a little cooler?

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I totally agree with you! I feel kinda awkward wearing a jacket and having to fight with my bag!
But I do love a good blazer!! If it is really cold out I'll go for my Tulle pea coat! And if it's drizzling, i'll grab my trench from Gap! 🙂


I'm guilty of just throwing a cardigan on for weather like this! I just moved to the south so it's about 10-15 degrees warmer than what I'm use to this time of year, so huge adjustment.
But if it does get chilly I like leather jackets and blazers!

carelessly graceful

Anna H

I do love a good blazer in the fall. But in North Carolina, this isn't a huge problem. I'm usually begging for cold weather so I can wear my knee length coats!


Love the Gap jackets! Gotta have that blazer now–it'd be perfect for the weather we're having.



Blazers are amazing! It's easy because it fits with so many of my outfits. They make you look polished even if you are wearing a casual outfit (t-shirt with jeans) That color of that grey blazer is really cute!

I also like to wear trench coats as well. when I'm running errands and I'm too lazy to put an outfit together I just hide my "lazy" outfit under the trench coat and no one knows!

Julia D.

Love all of these picks! Definitely understand what you mean about the handbag interaction with the jacket, someone needs to find a way to fix that.