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Serena and Lily partnered with me on this post to spread the word about their Friends and Family sale– happening right now!! Use “GUESTPREP” at checkout for 20% off. (Ends October 14; some exclusions apply, subject to change: art, gift certificates, Limited-Edition PUBLIC® C7 Bike, and final sale.)  🎉

Serena & Lily believes living well begins at home, so if you’ve had your eye on something, there’s no better time to go for it. Whether you’re going for a total room makeover or just a few accent items for around your home.

It has been my go-to retailer for items for our house. They asked me to style a few of their throw pillows in my house and, oh, I just love how this little space turned out. When we bought the house, we planned on the smaller of the three rooms to be my office. And when we moved in, we realized it made the most sense to also make it a second guest room. I opted for a smaller working space to accommodate a day bed. The dogs love to curl up there during the day while I work and it’s been so nice to have two extra beds (the daybed + trundle) for when friends and family stay over.

Serena and Lily Sale

I mixed and matched these throw pillows to pull in the blues throughout the room.

Navy Amalie Pillow + Eva Tassel Pillow in Harbor + Jetty Pillow in Harbor + Navy Palermo Throw Blanket

(All c/o Serena & Lily!)

If you’d like to incorporate some of their pillows into your own home, I had so much fun using their pillow finder! It’s a fun way to see which combos are S&L approved.

Serena and Lily  Serena and Lily Throw Pillows  Serena and Lily Pillows

We have this natural rug and this coffee table in our family room. These are our barstools in our kitchen, plus this tray and we’re adding this bar cart. I just got this mirror (for either above the bar cart or swapped in our powder room, can’t decide!) and these floor lamps for our living room. We are OBSESSED with this rug in our master bedroom (it’s even prettier in person).

Thank you Serena and Lily for partnering on this post!

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Georgetown AF

“Whether you’re going for a total room makeover or just a few accent items for around your home.” This is not a sound sentence. Was sentence structure never covered during your course loads at Georgetown or your practically private high school?


GAF, There are grammatical errors in your previous comments. 🤫 We won’t tell anyone…..it will be our little secret.


GAF is a one trick pony. He/she wakes up each day just waiting to comment on her obsessions posts.


Come on. I have an English degree and even I don’t care. It’s a blog. It’s social. Are you having difficulty understanding what she’s trying to convey? Maybe it’s your mental state that is the issue? I’ll bet you’re a real treat with texting, lol (means “laugh out loud”).


This is so cute, Carly! Love the blue and white together, so chic! Is the bedspread S & L too?