Tulip Sleeve in OLIVE

I am on a MAJOR green kick lately. I’ve always loved green, especially in the fall, but I’ve been drawn to it even more than usual. So much so that I literally was Googling color psychology to see if it meant anything. (😂 That isn’t something I would normally do but I was really trying to figure out where this major affinity– even obsession?– with green was coming from. I’m not sure that I believe it, ha, but it seems like the major associations are “balance” and “growth,” in case you were interested.)

Anyway– I’ve made a number of green purchases lately. Including one of my favorite shirts, which was just reintroduced in olive. 

Carly Heitlinger

If you’re keeping track at home, I now have the shirt in black, navy, white, and olive. I truly love this style of shirt. I wear at least one of the colors every week. I’m such a jeans-and-sweater girl that this shirt satisfies my need for something comfortable and easy, while still having a bit more style than just a plain tee.

Carly the Prepster

I am fairly certain that black and green will be my go-to color combination through fall. I loved how this olive shirt looked with white jeans and my favorite vest. But it looked even sleeker with black jeans and a little cap toe 1-inch heel.

Pumpkins  Pumpkin Outfit   English Factory Waverly Shirt

Green Waverly Top // Black Jeans // Cap Toe Heels // Tote // Similar Headband

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Georgetown AF

Another day, another fragment. “Including one of my favorite shirts, which was just reintroduced in olive.” What’s it gonna take, girlfriend?!

Georgetown AF

Clearly! The Big Brands must have noticed though, since we haven’t seen any Lily/Barbour/RL/VV/etc. sponcon in years. It’s just been Head & Shoulders and GMG cronyism. But if you can pay for a house in the ‘burbs with this type of low-level content, I guess why not?


Georgetown AF, why does it bother you so much? What you say about others reflects more accurately on yourself than on the subjects of your comments.


Is the coloring in the photos edited? This too looks like a completely different color on the Tuckernuck site and I’m trying to figure out which one is more accurate.


I think my photos are a more accurate color. I’ll post a pic from my iPhone on my Instagram story so you can see!


Super cute! Could you share thoughts on the length of this top? I have a longer torso and worry it may be too short!