Shinola Watches

The brand Shinola popped up on my radar earlier this fall and it just keeps coming up again and again! Garrett actually first introduced me to the brand and I got to see some of the watches firsthand at the Pop Up Flea in Soho. And then we both had the chance to visit the Shinola store in the city to learn even more about it. 
The watches themselves are really quite awesome, but I love the story even more. The product is completely made in America with a factory in Detroit. Bringing back manufacturing to Detroit is just the beginning of Shinola’s mission. I was really impressed with how genuine everyone was and how devoted they all were to the quality of products and the quality of the brand. It quite honestly shows in every detail.

I got Garrett the watch with the green face for Christmas and I’m totally eyeing this one for myself.
The Birdy series has a gorgeous leather strap that wraps around twice. I tried it on in the store and really just fell in love. Typically wouldn’t go for orange… but I like this!
Scroll through to see more of the women’s watches below:
Have you heard of Shinola? What are your thoughts?

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Kitty Lichtenstein

My dad got one from the Detroit store for Hannukah/Christmas. He loves it and gets so many compliments. The store also has some pretty amazing jackets and custom bicycles.

Tara Condell

Every morning I wake up and ponder if I should pull the trigger or not. I am a girl, but I still want the green face watch! It is so dreamy, I am obsessed!

Sara Langford

Not only do I love the style of these watches, but as a Detroit born girl, I really appreciate a company like Shinola that is dedicated to bringing manufacturing back to the Motor City! I think that alone makes this company worth shopping at. The beautiful design and excellent quality of the watches doesn't hurt either 😉

Caitlin Cooper

I love these watches so much! Watches are such an essential part of any outfit for me- I'd love to have one of these!


I love these watches! They are so classic and timeless, the one you're eyeing is great! I have a very similar one except its Michael Kors and I love it! It's such a great twist on the classic leather watch. 🙂

Bridget Thoreson

Woohoo! Detroit pride!
I come from Michigan and it's so great seeing a city like Detroit getting on their feet again from small businesses like these!