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I am insanely excited about my latest partnership with thredUP. You guys know how much I’ve been loving their website, which is the largest online thrift shop with all of my favorite brands up to 90% off. I’ve found it to be an incredible resource for finding pieces that I missed out on in past seasons and I love how it gives clothes a second life. It’s guilt-free shopping.

ThredUp Closet

When thredUP reached out to me about participating in their “Shop Her Closet: 30 Best Dressed” campaign, I had to say yes. I’m being featured along with 30 other very fashionable and successful women, all of whose closets you can shop on their site. The timing was perfect because I was just beginning the daunting process of paring down my closet for my move. I get questions all the time about what I do about clothes after I wear them. I mostly give away to friends, or send them to thredUP, when I can because I enjoy knowing that my clothes are going to be loved just as much by someone else. With my closet on thredUP, you now get the chance to shop my clothes!

And the best part? All proceeds from the sales will go towards Girls Inc, an organization that provides resources and programs to empower girls to grow up healthy, educated, and independent!


Shop Carly the Prepster Closet

Sending your clothing into thredUP couldn’t be easier. If you’re looking for a super simple way to clean out your closet, this is it! They send you a (big) plastic bag that you can fill with all the clothes you’re ready to part with. It fits a lot! After deciding what I was ready to sell, I filled the bag up, sealed it, and dropped it off at FedEx with the pre-printed label. So. Easy. They take care of everything else.

ThredUp Sales J. Crew ThredUp

I realized my striped shirt collection had gotten a little out of control, so I chose a few to include in my closet!

ThredUp J Crew Bow Sweater

Some of the items I’ve included! There’s a lot of amazing J. Crew pieces, cute shoes, Patagonia, and more.

Woo! I’m so excited for this. I hope you guys have a lot of fun shopping my closet– and all of thredUP for even more great items! I have enjoyed these pieces so much and am excited for you to enjoy them as well. Hurry and shop my closet before it sells out!

Thank you thredUP for sponsoring this post!

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Carly, Thead Up is a great site for buyers and I love that your doing a fundraiser for such a worthy cause! But I feel like I need to let people know that if they choose to sell, be prepared to get VERY little return. I will just donate my clothes to a local charity in the future.


Yes, it’s definitely a great place to go when you want to have a quick turnover for your clothes. The ease of just throwing everything in a bag and sending off can definitely be worth it for some people!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I was just about to comment this same thing! The charity factor is great, and I have bought several things from Thredup.
But they will give you pennies for your clothes if you try to sell to them. It’s actually insulting!


There’s quite a bit of fine print with Poshmark. They take quite a bit of time to process your bag and once you finally sell something, you have to wait 2 weeks to cash out your earnings.

If they deem your stuff consignment and it doesn’t sell after a certain amount of time, then you can either pay to have your stuff sent back or you won’t get any money for it.


I have found it really varies how much you get paid out- for one bag I got maybe $9, but for another I earned well over $100 – the quality and type of items I was sending in I feel was the main difference. I agree that the charity and convenience aspect are what draws me to continue to use their service!


I have to echo these comments! Understandably, ThreadUp gives you much less for your clothes than a traditional consignment store or Poshmark, but recently I’ve found they are only giving you pennies for items and putting most of it on consignment (which only gives you 5% of the selling price.) I’m disappointed that they seem to have changed so much as I really liked the selling service previously.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I know that some bloggers sell their clothes via Instagram, or they collaborate with other bloggers and do a little pop up shop! ThredUP’s campaign is cool too ^-^ I’ve shopped via ThredUP before but haven’t tried selling. (Also wow you’re selling out so quick!) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Carly, you are so fabulous!! This is such a cool thing you’re doing. I plan to purchase the green bag–it’s darling!


I love ThreadUp but have been a little frusterated with their service – Started using them for clean outs when they just launched and since this summer (started checking in August) I’ve been chasing a running push back date to order a kit! Right now, its in May!
Ended up going with the straight donation bag – but clearly they are a well loved website!


Your timing on this post couldn’t have been better! I ordered a ThredUp kit just last week and am waiting for its arrival. Excited to spring clean my closet!


I would echo other readers in that I’ve actually been super frustrated with Thred Up recently because I’ve been trying to get a clean out kit since like…September and they keep pushing the date back. They had pushed back the date to February and then the day it was supposed to become available, they pushed it to May. Anyway, it’s just not actually possible to sell your clothes on Thred Up right now and hasn’t been in months so might be worth adding a caveat..


I think they track if you have sent in clothes before, and based on the quality of that bag, they will block you from ordering another bag. I have friends who are first-time sellers and they get a bag right away! Frustrated with them also!


Hi I just wanted to say I love your blog! Also I was wondering where you got your outfit in the top picture? (The one with the thredup bag) thank you


Given my recent experience with thredUp, I have to echo others’ comments as well. I think buyers get the better end of the deal because, while they do have a lot of items to purchase, they give you pennies for what you actually send in, if they even take what you send in. After my last experience, I decided to use Plato’s Closet again and, though not as convenient as thredUp, I received much more for my items. I love your blog, but I feel it would be best to tell the full story/experience behind thredUp.