4 Conversations You Should be Having with Your Friends

One of my favorite things about my friends is that our conversations run the gamut. We can go from talking about the latest episode of KUWTK to coming up with a solution for a problem at work. I’m so fortunate to have friends that I can have real conversations with– it’s invaluable!

4 Conversations You Should be Having with Your Friends

Guest Post by Maxie McCoy

Conversation is one of the best things about friendship. You can talk about nothing or talk about everything and in those shared conversations your entire day can become better. There’s so much joy in those much needed and much loved conversations with your besties.

But often, it’s really easy to fall into surface conversations and never get to the heart of what makes one person tick. Or to avoid the conversations that might be tricky at first, but are so needed for us to continue to develop and grow in our friendship and as humans. With the right friends, and the right conversations with those friends, literally anything is possible.

The art of conversation, however, can be just that: an art. And just like any other part of our lives, if you’ve fallen into the habit of not going deep on certain topics with certain friends, you’ll have to make some effort to get to levels of discussion that are important. Not all convos don’t have to be intense, or deep all of the time, but having a basic comfort with certain topics is really important. So if you’re not talking about these things in your friendships, this week is a good time to start:

About Money. Women especially need to get more and more comfortable having real conversations about money, about investing, about saving, about negotiating. And a huge indicator of our ability to do so many of these things is how much we talk about it with our friends. In these conversations we’ll learn, we’ll gain courage, and we’ll be emboldened when we’re talking about it with people we really trust.

About Your Fears. Real humans get scared. Real people have fears. And sometimes all you need, and all your friend might need, is an outlet to express this fear. Because when we can say it, we can move beyond it. Share your vulnerabilities with your friends, and have real conversations about what’s going on for you (or for them).

About What You See in Each Other. Often we think SO highly of our friends and never actually say it. Whether we’re proud of them, grateful for them, or impressed by them. We all need to be a mirror of positivity for our friends. Sometimes, those words, I believe you can do this… are exactly what they need to keep trucking on. Whatever you see in your friend. Tell them.

About Your Future. It’s fun to paint the future in the conversations with people you love the most. Because there you’ll get to ideate, you can help support each other, you can share experiences, and you’ll have an enrolled support system in where you’re going. If you don’t share your dreams, then no one knows how or when to support them.

Hold onto the friendship that you can have meaningful conversations with. And invest in those by talking about things that really matter.

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It is so important to share as much as you can with your friends, to make sure everyone is in the same boat & we can all do as much as we can to care for each other. I love discussing the future with mine, it is so exciting because I know we are all going to do incredible things. I loved this post, let’s all get chatting to our pals!

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo


I could not agree more as these four points are so important both in friendships and relationships. Being vulnerable even with friends is not easy, but for a true two way friendship needs to happen.


Good stuff – I do need more of these types of convos… IS an art that takes practice!