The Bodysuit

As promised, I’m back with some photos where you can actually see the J. Crew bodysuit in action. If you missed it, I first talked about how much I loved it when I wore this outfit, but it was so cold I didn’t take my coat off for the photos.

I was super skeptical about the bodysuit, mostly because it looks a bit awkward on a hanger. But when it’s on? Pure magic. If you’ve ever been annoyed by shirts that don’t stay tucked in, you’ll be just as obsessed as I am.

I’d say the silk blouse definitely works as an office staple. (I’d have it in heavy rotation if I had to wear workwear every day!) But it can definitely be dressed down for a casual, but still put together, look.

J. Crew

I’m going to copy and paste the blurb I already wrote about the FAQ I’ve gotten about the shirt.

It’s kind of awkward to put on because it looks a little (ehhh, a lot) like a onesie, but it’s 100% worth it because the shirt stays totally tucked in the entire time! It’s a gamechanger. I have a super long torso and was worried that I’d be uncomfortable in it. I heard from a couple of my girlfriends who have regular length torsos that they exchanged for a petite, so that’s something to keep in mind.

This is about to go into TMI territory, but after I posted about this on Instagram, a bunch of people had some questions. So I’m just going to share my answers publicly because I had some of the same questions myself 🙃

Is it difficult to go to the bathroom? Not really. It’s WAY easier than a romper, which you have to pull all the way down awkwardly. The bodysuit has three small snaps that are easy to un and re-snap when you need to. It takes under 20 seconds to re-snap, so it’s really a non-issue.

Does it cause panty lines? Yes… If you wear it exactly “as is,” there is definitely a line. I was kind of disappointed by this initially and would have considered it a dealbreaker. But the underwear portion only has about 20-30% coverage of a regular bikini undie. I ended up just pulling it in like a thong and it was not uncomfortable and the VPL issue was totally resolved. It’s super thin and doesn’t feel bunchy at all.

Carly HeitlingerI also wanted to add a note about the gaping of the buttons. A few people DMed me asking if there was an issue or that they had an issue. If you have a larger bust, I do find that the shirt gapes. It may be because of the silk material? I tried on a larger size (which accommodated the gaping issue) and then the blouse looked like a costume for the renaissance it was so big.

I used my trusty fashion tape in between the two buttons!

Margaux Gingham

I love these slingback flats. We had a warm day when we shot these photos so it was nice to skip boots and let my feet feel a little bit of freedom!

Carly the Prepster

Bosom Buddy Bag

J. Crew Bodysuit Review

I wanted to include this photo just so you can see how it stays completely tucked. I normally try to avoid lifting my arms when I’m wearing a tucked in blouse. So nice to have that freedom back. (It’s the little things!)

J. Crew Bodysuit

Silk Blouse Bodysuit // Jeans (c/o) // Shoes (c/o) // Bag // Eyeglasses // Similar Bracelet

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I’ve been eyeing the bodysuit for some time now! How’s the see-through ness of your white one? Some of the reviews online suggested it was too see-through. Are you able to get away with just wearing a nude bra or do you need a cami too?


I wear a nude bra. I wouldn’t wear a cami because it’s a bodysuit and it would definitely cause issues.


150$ for a shirt is such a huge amount of money though !! I could never justify that kind of purchase


J crew is almost always on sale 😉 definitely worth it if you need a white blouse


I love that it’s like a onsie instead of romper style. Could you work on jcrew making a collared button down bodysuit? That would be great!


Would love some options that are under $50 (because this is still $87 on sale) for those of us rocking a normal salary, post-masters degree. Cute but so expensive! Any suggestions for those of use who are financially less well-off?


I love this! J Crew sold out of my size in ivory. Have you tried the “light shell”?

Léa Dancause-Lavoie

Hi Carly! I adore your outfit and I want to buy the same bodysuit. I feel like I have a similar shape to you, which size did you pick?