Shorts + Sandals

I love shorts and sandals. I think it’s my favorite part of the summer. (Or at least top ten…)
Of course, I do love my riding boots and corduroys for the fall and winter. But shorts and sandals are SO easy and, most importantly, SO colorful. I mean really, even with a plain white tee you’re totally good to go with a bright pair of shorts and fun sandals.
Critter shorts, printed shorts, and chino shorts.
Espadrilles, flip flops, and flat sandals.
Shorts and sandals are perfect, whether you’re at the beach or the pool or just running errands around town. Use this as your style guide for the summer staple:
Vineyard Vines | Shorts + Sandals
Lilly Pulitzer | Shorts + Sandals
J. Crew | Shorts + Sandals
What’s your favorite combination?

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LOVE them all. Especially the last one. I'm a sucker for solids… is that weird? But I'm DYING to get some critter shorts! Too cute!


I agree. I love all the combinations. My fave would have to be number two… paired with a white top and some accessories and you're good to go!


Eep! I love them all but mostly the first two! I'm not a fan of orange, so I probably would never wear the shorts but the shoes are cute!
The first one with espadrilles is totally my style!


Blonde Prep

Ooh they are all so cute!!! My favorite shorts are probably the Vineyard Vines but I think I like all of the sandals equally! Adorable!