Summertime is the perfect time to accessorize with natural materials. Straw bags and hats have been a summer staple for, well, a long time.
Maybe it’s because bulletin boards are being replaced with trendy chalkboard walls and magnetic whiteboards… cork is totally making a comeback in a new way: accessories! It seems a little strange, yes? But cork is actually pretty cute, especially for shoes, handbags, and other accessories. It’s not something that you’d want a million pieces in, but a few here and there in your summer wardrobe and I think you’re good to go.
I pulled some of my favorite cork pieces. Tons of brands have incorporated cork in one way or another:
Top to Bottom:
What do you think of the cork trend? Is it something you’d want to incorporate into your summer wardrobe?

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Those TOMs wedges are really cute! I love wearing cork or woven wedges during the summer.



Hi Carly,

I'm a recent college graduate myself and I've been reading your blog for years . This is my first time commenting I just wanted to share a link that has brought me great perspective during the last semester–

It's really inspiring and has given me a fresh look on life when things get a little stressful and the future uncertain and has cheered me up many times when I've felt overwhelmed 🙂 just wanted to pass it along

Thanks for a wonderful blog!


As much as I am in to trends and fashion, I can't say I will be jumping on to the bandwagon. However, am dying over the Kate Spade flats in the left corner – but I would love those in any material.