I love to read magazines. It makes me so sad when I find out about another one going under… but I will relish the ones still being published!

My favorite is Real Simple.

I drool over every page.

I can’t get enough of the tips for organization.

I love how everything is just, well for lack of a better phrase, simple.

The best part is how RS emphasizes that simple little changes can really make a difference.

I’m currently on working on making simple changes in different areas of my life.

  • Organizing my room, throwing out old things, storing memories
  • Cleansing bad males out of my phone, gmail, and mind
  • Eliminating negative thoughts
  • Revamping my wardrobe, donating and selling clothes
I’ll keep you all posted on how all this is going…

What simple changes can you make in your life?


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I love Real Simple! They have the best tips. Its the only mag I have an actual subscription to! I'm currently organizing and purging my closet…which has been a daunting task! I have a ridiculous amount of clothing, shoes, purses, etc… I am forbidding myself to buy anything new until I get this mess under control!

Good luck with your organizing, cleaning, eliminating, and revamping!


I'm trying to clean out my bathroom. It has just gotten ridiculous trying to figure out where I can fit just one more bottle of hairspray, eyeshadow, lotion etc. I never realized it was so out of hand until I pulled everything out to try and get rid of some stuff. I'm still working on it… Blah. Organizing is only fun when it's over.

Preppy 101

I love magazines, too. I subscribe to several. I need to purge magazines. You know the drill, tear out those things I want to keep, put them in plastic sleeves in a cute three-ring binder, etc. 🙂 I wish we lived closer so I could give you all my mags after I read them! You'd love them. xoxo

Sarah Cook

I love their mag too! My goal (so far unsuccessful) is to set a cleaning schedule. I would love love love to have a "laundry day" but I still just do it when I need a particular item or it piles up too high.


I've been following your blog for a while, and I figured it was about time I posted a comment! I seem to always forget!
I LOVE Real Simple. My mother thinks I'm crazy for liking to organize things, but I think it's wonderful. And so much of their stuff is adorable.