Summer Obsessions

So every summer I seem to take on a “uniform.”

Past summer uniforms:

  • Printed shorts with Lacoste tank tops
  • Bermuda shorts with polos
  • Sundresses and sandals
  • Tempo shorts and t-shirts
This summer though, I’m all about easy to wear flowy skirts and canvas sneakers.

I have a few skirts from J. Crew that have turned into a staple for my summer wardrobe. They’re super comfortable and can be thrown on with an untucked t-shirt, a polo, or a tucked in tank. I’m kind of in love with them! I think I wore this blue/white striped one about four times during my trip!

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of white canvas shoes. I first looked into a pair of Jack Purcells (California Funk would be proud), but they didn’t have small enough sizes for me. Since I was in a time crunch… hello, I needed these before I hopped the pond… I went into every storefront on M St.

That’s when I landed in Urban Outfitters. [Side note: I do like Urban and Sporty Sister is so good at going through the racks to find super cute dresses, but I get a smidge overwhelmed!] There was an entire WALL of canvas sneakers. All kinds of colors and prints. There were only about ten pairs left of the white ones though, and lo and behold, they were ALL size seven. It was like a sign.

I will admit, they were more comfortable to walk around in than Jack Rogers would have been, but I still was left with a very lovely HUGE blister on my right heel. Oh well, you must suffer for some beauty right?


PS How fabulous is that picture that Soccer Dad took of Soccer Mom and me? LOVE IT!

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so cute! i have the same skirt and i've been wearing it nonstop as well- its so soft and comfy! great photo too 🙂