{sneak peek!}

It is hot here in the city today. Mackenzie and I had a photoshoot planned today for Lilly Pulitzer. It was super fun and we can’t to show you everything…
For now, here are a few snapshots from our day!

via Amy’s Instagram!

Amy, Emily, Mackenzie, and I grabbed our usual favorite brunch at Maison Keyser. Instead of hot coffees and cappuccinos, we all opted for iced lattes. Best decision ever as we were all super super super hot. Oh my word.

via Instagram

We found a shady spot and had a serious picnic… plus the people watching was great!
We love Amy’s photography!

via Emily’s Instagram

And that’s a wrap!

How was your Sunday? Did you do anything fun?


PS… Amy was our photographer today and she is amazing. Seriously. I’m the worst photographer in the world and struggle to find beauty in everyday things. Her eye is just SPOT ON. She knows how to take amazing pictures. Super excited to have her capture the entire day!!
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H. Thiers

Sounds like fun! I have been traveling in the car all day today. I can't wait to get home!