Snowy Day

Remember that month of December when we were all wondering about the warm weather?! It really kind of spoiled the holidays for me since it felt like summer months… but, man, this trip to Mont Tremblant seriously got me in the winter spirit.
When I say that the village was like a winter wonderland, I’m not exaggerating. It almost didn’t even feel real; like an attraction at a theme park instead of an actual town. With the icicles dripping from every ledge, frosted windows lining the buildings, and the brightest snow seemingly painted everywhere, it looked like a page out of a fairytale. 
The only problem was that it also felt like a winter wonderland with temperatures well, well below freezing (and often below zero). I spent most of the time bundled up in my warmest parka or trying not to get frostbite while flying down a mountain.  
The last day we were there– also our travel day– was the warmest at about 25 degrees. It strangely felt nearly tropical after -12.
On the last day, we weren’t going to ski, instead opting to explore the town just a little bit more before hopping in the car to go home. I threw on my new Dale of Norway sweater (very ski chic!) and my favorite pair of jeans-that-really-feel-like-leggings.
A quick note about my choice of footwear. I brought a few pairs of boots (I couldn’t resist overpacking…. whoops) and ended up wearing the Ugg boots every day after skiing. To be honest, I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively while I’m home too. They’re so warm and comfortable.

As if Tremblant isn’t charming already, there are little fire pits stationed around the village. At any given time of day, there are a handful of people huddled around warming their hands, goofing off with friends, or just trying to enjoy their beavertail outside. I loved making a little stop there to warm up between where we had dinner and the hotel. The community element was extra fun as you could hear at least three different languages and accents from other visitors!

Toggle Wool Coat // Dale of Norway Sweater // Navy Skinny Jeans (c/o) // Satchel (c/o) // Ugg Boots (c/o) // Beanie

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Audrey Lin

It's already January and I still haven't experienced a true winter this season yet. Maybe when I get back to Philly for school in a week I'll find that it's gotten cooler, and maybe just maybe there'll even be a little snow..? Dare I wish that? Anywho, cute outfit! Matching hats and coats are always fun 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

L. A.

When I see a post where your heads are folded or in your pockets my first thought is IS SHE ENGAGED? Cute outfit!