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This week flew by. And that sadly means that summer also flew by. I always feel like it’s a slippery slope between the Fourth of July and pumpkin picking. One minute it’s summer, you blink, and bam! It’s October. It’s one of the reasons why I never look forward to my birthday– it means summer is ending!

I was going through my phone to pull a photo for this post and realized that I’d taken two pictures since the Fourth of July. One was my car’s display saying it was 102 degrees, and the other was a picture of my healing thumb. (I sliced it open two weeks ago and finally can use it again, haha.) Neither photo was going to make the cut here… and then I realized I never posted photos from Shakespeare on the Sound.

I had heard about Shakespeare on the Sound from a few friends, and a couple of readers had reached out to me about it as well. Gar and I made it a date one night, and we loved it. The play is in a park in Rowayton, and everyone comes out bringing picnics, blankets, and chairs. This year was Hamlet, and the cast was amazing. We lucked out with the weather– the sun set gloriously into a cool night. Fireflies darted the sky, and the tiniest kids fell asleep in the darkness. (We read Hamlet in my 11th grade English class and I read the part of Ophelia so I remembered a lot more of the play than I thought I was going to. But I was so impressed to overhear a ten-year-old explaining the play to his confused friend. I don’t know if his dad had slipped him the SparkNotes before it, haha, but he really got it, despite the super fast-paced Shakespearean language.)
The production wrapped up for the year, but I would highly recommend going next summer if you’re in the area.
Lots of videos on my radar this week:
How cool is this 360-degree video?! I played around with it for a bit, and I’m not going to lie, my heart was pounding. Racing at Henley is not easy and seeing those wooden booms brought back a lot of anxious memories!!
TWO // Monica Church
So I’ve been “researching” (aka watching) YouTube channels, and I keep finding myself down these black holes of videos. I love these vlog channels that big time YouTubers do, even better than their usual videos. I randomly stumbled on Monica Church’s vlogs, and I love the way she edits them. They feel like short documentaries. (She’s also a twin, and everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with twins!)
These are technically kid sheets, but how cute are they?! They go up to a queen size so they could work on a lot of beds. I love the nautical knot print; a fun twist for a simple sheet set.
Ugh! This video!!! It melted my heart. I loved that his craft pairs skill with creativity and humor. They look like such fun little toys. In the interview he talks about how he doesn’t come up with the design first, he just starts and lets his hands do the work. Amazing!

FIVE // DNA Test Changing Lives

I loved the message behind the video. I think it’s something most people understand already, but it was interesting to watch it play out with people as they discover their diverse backgrounds. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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Audrey Lin

I took a course called Shakespeare's Hamlet the fall of my freshman year of college for my mandatory English seminar, and I was the only person in the class who hadn't read Hamlet in high school! My curriculum did include Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead though, so the professor was actually very interested to hear my insight, which was cool 🙂 Anyways, I'm v impressed by that 10-year-old too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I love Monica's vlogs! So different from a lot of the content out there, and she seems like such a cool, down-to-earth person.

Alexa |



On My Radar

After a few days of skiing up in Canada, I’m pretty ready to just be home and back into a regular routine. This was a last hurrah of sorts for the holiday “season” and I was dying to just get back to a regular routine. (If you have the chance to go to Mont Tremblant, though, you have to go… we had such an amazing time!)
This is a bit random but after enjoying the best egg breakfasts every morning at the hotel, I’ve been inspired to kick my breakfast game up this year. I typically skip breakfast altogether or opt for a small bowl of oatmeal. Starting the day with the breakfast felt luxurious. I don’t think I can pull it off every day, though I’m going to put my best foot forward for weekends. 
Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:
I have a gingham shirt dress that I absolutely love for summer months. I still get emails asking if there’s a similar option out there. I know warm weather is a ways away, but I found a super similar dress. I imagine it’s going to be pretty popular this year, so if you want it, go for it now and store in your closet for summer!
I found this unbelievably cute Instagram account. At first I thought she was making little house cookies and then realized they were tiny clay replicas. Her Etsy shop is closed right now, but I think it’s worth keeping on your radar until she opens. The details that go into the houses… I love it. (Definitely great gift ideas.)
Lancome sent me a package over the holidays and included a bottle of their La Vie Est Belle perfume. I have been searching high and low for a new perfume and I got about six months ago, but this Lancome perfume is THE best. I love love love the smell. I’ve been wearing it every day for about a month now. I’m always so hesitant to even try new perfumes because I tend to get migraines. Migraine free here with this one. Bam!

How cute is this video from Target, Emily Henderson, and Zanna Roberts Rassi about decluttering? Not only are the tips super cute, they’re pretty inspirational too. (Emphasis on pretty.) I wish my closet looked like that…
FIVE // Making a Murderer on Netflix
Oh man. Guys. Have you been watching Making a Murderer on Netflix?!? I loved the Serial podcast last year and have been kind of disappointed this time around. This Netflix series is absolutely filling that void. Gar and I are only a little bit in, but we’re seriously hooked. It’s painful to watch at times, ugh, you just feel for this family. If you’re not watching, I recommend making it your weekend plans!

What’s been on your radar this week?

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We just finished Making a Murderer last night. It's heartbreaking to watch and definitely makes you take a step back and learn to think for yourself. I'm interested to hear what you think when you're done with the series. Hope you have a great weekend!

26 and Not Counting


Just started watching Making a Murderer! It's pretty good so far.

You should check out Broadchurch on Netflix – it's about a murder in an English seaside town. So good!



On My Radar

It’s official. Peonies are in season again. It’s the perfect weather for going to Central Park every week. And rooftops are the venues of choice. I have a lot to share on my blog, somehow I got behind this week, but you can always keep up with the highlights on Instagram and the funny behind the scenes on Snapchat (@collegeprepster).
I couldn’t help but share the true highlight of my week… getting a picture with Martha Stewart!!! I was invited to a launch part of sorts for the Triscuit Cracker she created. Omg, guys. Toasted Coconut and Sea Salt. So. So. Good.
Now on my radar…

ONE // Split Image

A must read for everyone. ESPN shares more of the story of Madison Holleran, the track star who committed suicide her freshman year at Penn. It compares what Madison shared with the world (filtered Instagrams, comments to friends) and what she was truly going through.

TWO // Vineyard Vines’ New Office

Want a sneak peek into the new VV office? Bloomberg shot an awesome video of the new space. Talk about a dream job in a dream office!

THREE // Taylor Swift Has No Regrets

Tavi Gevinson interviews her friend Taylor Swift for Elle. Casual. Only two awesome girl crushes in one article. Need to get this magazine to read the whole article stat.

FOUR // Draper James

Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line has launched. I repeat. Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line HAS LAUNCHED.

FIVE // An Expert’s Guide to a ‘Grammable Summer

My friend Amy shares her summer tips worth sharing on Instagram on The Zoe Report. I kind of want everything!

What’s on your radar this week?

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Audrey Lin

Loving #1, 2, and 5! 1 is very insightful but also very tragic 🙁 May she rest in peace. 2 is cool–I want my dorm to be like that! 😛 Loving the details in 5. The scalloped swim suit and crab bikini are just perfect -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Dani Fairbairn

First I am so in love with the Totes Y'all bag from Resse Witherspoon's line.
Also Madison Holleran's story is absolutely heartbreaking. It is such a good reminder that we need to not pay so much attention to what people's lives look like on Instagram or social media as well as a reminder that its okay to show that your life isn't picture perfect.
The Postcard Journals

Beth Norry

Thank you for sharing Madison's story. It is a very moving article and helps decreases the stigma of mental health.
However, I think it is tasteless off you to include, in the very same post, a shallow article about curating an instagram feed. I've had many conversations with my daughter about social media and the pressure to make yourself feel "cool." You have a huge readership of young girls that look up to you, so please put a little more thought into the collection of articles you put together.
A Concerned Mom

Heather Mill

Carly, I agree. I hope this article about Madison makes you do a bit of thinking about the life you curate for your younger readers. You are a role model, and sometimes I fear the image you portray might seem unattainable.


I agree. That heartbreaking article talks about how much goes on underneath the surface of a happy social media account, yet in the same post you add a link on how a "grammable summer." It's tasteless.

Ali Henriques

Thank you for posting the article about Madison Holleran. I think it's good that you include some really deep, hard-hitting content in your blog along with the other more lighthearted, fun content. In your readership I am sure that there are people who are struggling with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and I hope that they read this article through. I think it shows an important contrast between the external picture Madison wanted to portray and what she was feeling all the while. Sometimes it can help others when they know they are not alone in their pain and hopefully this article may also help others to identify warning signs in those around them. What happened in this story is devastating. It's important to share, though, because it calls to mind that a "low statistic" for suicide still means that real people like Madison are dead now. Even if it's just one, that's one too many people who have reached such a point of tremendous suffering that they feel they cannot go on. Anyway, I just want you to know that I really deeply appreciate that you posted this.

Southwestern Prepster

What happened with Madison is heartbreaking, and it is such a life-touching story. I really hope more people take the time to learn more about her and her life. Draper James and the new VV office are adorable, but stories like Holleran's make you learn to appreciate everything in life a little more.
xx, Mikkaela
The Southwestern Prepster

Phoebe K.

Hi Carly,

Since you decided to share the story of Madison Holleran, you must have taken it to heart in some capacity, which is why I'm very surprised to see in the same link round-up an article on how to properly curate an instagram. I know your career is built on social media, so it would have been nice to see some more reflection on the contrast between real life and what is "worthy of sharing on instagram"



On My Radar

This entire week was one giant pinch-me moment. Honestly, it was so amazing… I’m not even sure where to begin. Even though I still have this stupid cold (and it randomly got really mad mid-week), I was go-go-go doing all sorts of fun things.

On Monday night, a few bloggers (thank you Jess for organizing!!!) and I went over to Dana’s Bakery in NJ for a macaron baking class… It was so fun. I made a batch of macarons at home way back in 2010 and I was surprised by how much I remembered. However, Dana was incredible in teaching us. She walked us through everything perfectly, giving us little tips and tricks. Did I mention that she is a seriously awesome businesswoman!? We had a blast. I found piping the little circles super cathartic; I could have done it all night long! (And I took it very seriously… I wanted perfect macarons haha)

How awesome is the tie-dye? Such a fun twist on the French classic. We may or may not have grilled Dana on how to make every kind of flavor under the sun….

On Tuesday, Teddy had a huge night! He was invited to a little Petsmart Halloween preview party. It was downtown, so we popped in to see our friends at Jonathan Adler headquarters before the party. Teddy was in heaven playing with the other dogs in the office, meeting everyone who works there, and testing out every single sofa in the showroom.
This was Teddy on the way home… he was pooped. He actually does not like car rides. I rarely take him in cabs and he’s just not used to it. The poor thing shakes like crazy. But on the way home, he was too tired to fight it. It was so sweet how he curled up on my lap to nap.
Wednesday was crazy fun. I started the morning with a private tour of the Charles James exhibit at The Met with Vogue and Tresemme. I can’t even tell you how amazing it was. I wish I could have strapped a GoPro on my head to live stream the tour for everyone. The room where the gowns are is pretty dark to protect the fabrics of the gown, so I really couldn’t take any pictures. However, the website has some amazing images and videos for you to take a look. After the tour, the small group got breakfast where we talked about the exhibit and blogging… it was really quite a special morning.
I worked for a bit during the day and then headed down to Times Square for the launch of Lancome’s new mascara Grandiose with Teen Vogue. I had a blast meeting everyone and testing out the wand. (It bends in this unique way to get every lash… genius!!!)

These are the only pictures I could find on Instagram; Be sure to tag me in the actual photo so I can see yours!
I was sadly only there for about an hour, and then I hopped across town for an event with Excedrin. My mom, sister, and I are all sufferers of migraines. It’s not fun when one hits you, but Excedrin is what we each take when we get one. (I wish I had a dollar for every time my mom says, “Just take two bombs and drink a Diet Coke!” We call the pills “bombs.“)

Ummm…. Jordin Sparks was there. She was crazy nice and totally down to earth. We did relaxing yoga, had a great dinner and discussion, and then little spa services. After a busy day, it was the best way to unwind!
What a week! Finally onto what’s on my radar!

ONE // Baby Deer
So… My mom is obsessed with deer. I never felt one way or another about the little guys, until Garrett and I watched “The Private Life of Deer” on Netflix one night. It was so interesting and the deer seemed so sweet. Well, wouldn’t you know… I saw this video this week and omg it’s too cute! The worker had picked the deer up to protect him from the road and then this happened!
TWO // America’s Biggest Closet
WHOA MY GOODNESS. This closet!!!!  It’s 3,000 square feet and three stories. There’s a champagne bar, a beauty station (for hair/nails), and more clothes and shoes than a department store it seems like. I’m not sure if this is something I’d ever personally want, but I have to admit… it’s amazing to look at! (And apparently it’s been robbed of $1 million dollars worth of product recently…)
Now that I live here, I’m not Times Squares’ biggest fan by any means. But there are times when you can’t avoid it and I’m probably there at least a couple of times a month for something (like a Broadway show or an event!). This is such an interesting article in the NY Times about the people who dress up like characters. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about! The Elmos, Super Men, and not-quite-Mickey-Mice.
FOUR // Olivia Palermo Fall Style
I’m not (I repeat not) looking forward to fall and colder weather. #summerforever I can’t lie though, I’m obsessed with this look from Olivia Palermo. It’s a couple of years old (Dec 2012), but still so cute right? Recreate with this duffle coat, a crisp white shirt, and over-the-knee boots.
FIVE // There’s a lot going on.
This post turned out to be pretty crazy… Whoops! Instead of another thing, just wanted to point out some fun posts from the week: Tackle your emails and get to inbox zero, a tiny sneak peek at my apartment, 10 books I highly recommend, a new VIDEO where I answer some of your questions, and a great way to organize your bracelets and iPhone cases.

Hope you had an awesome week and have great weekend plans!


PS Funniest picture of the week:

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Looks like you had a crazy week! I love the busy ones though, they are the best because it really feels like you are making every day count. This week I ran a lot of errands before my upcoming vacation so that was fun because it meant shopping! I also worked a lot which was kind of fun. Cannot wait for a relaxing weekend though 🙂

Annie Belle

Taylor Hoffman

Sounds like such a fun week, and it sounds like you have a lot in the works for your blog! YAY! Have a relaxing weekend to enjoy the rest of summer!

xo, Taylor


What a great post! I also love Olivia Palermo's fall style – thank you for posting links to recreate her look!
Xo, Laura
Ps. The "funniest picture of the week" was the cherry on top of a wonderful post. I think you should include one every week!


I've been DYING to take part in a macaron cooking class for a while now – seeing how much you enjoyed yours, Carly, might be the push I need to go ahead and book one! So glad you've had a busy and fulfilling week!