I am hooked on Soto Method. A friend of mine recommended it to me when I was lamenting feeling out of shape postpartum. I was really struggling, with body image, yes… but also just feeling so weak. My body went through it during my pregnancy with Rory. With a complete placenta previa, I was advised to avoid working out and doing any kind of heavy lifting. I didn’t get into working out until my mid/late 20s, but since then it has been a critical element of my mental (and physical obviously) wellbeing. Not being able to move my body the way I wanted for over six months was extremely difficult for me.

I decided to do a version of 75 Soft, which included working out five days a week. I was making it work, but I felt quite…. hmm… lost? After being out of the game so long, I didn’t know where to start exactly and I also had more time restrictions (plus I was just more tired and weaker than I ever had been).

When my friend suggested Soto Method, it sounded like something I would like in theory. She suggested I do one of the 42 days challenges and print the PDF and check off all the days as I went for motivation. That is exactly what I did and it was EXACTLY what I needed.


Soto Method came to me at the perfect time and I’m sure that played a factor in why I ended up loving it so much. Even still, the set up of how the workouts work is exactly what I like. I’m obsessed and I have been wanting to tell everyone about it. I’m going to do my best to summarize some of the top level things about the workout classes and what I like about it, but if you’re even remotely curious, I would recommend giving it a try to see what it’s like first hand. (You can use my code CARLYMONTH to try a month free.)


Soto Method is a mix of cardio and sculpting movements designed to maximize burn and efficiently deliver a full-body workout. I would consider a mix of barre, mat pilates, and a touch of HIIT. Soto stands for “sixty on, ten on” and each class is broken up into “blocks” which consist of a 60-second isometric hold followed by ten 20-second dynamic moves. The blocks are cardio, arms, legs, glutes, abs, planks, etc. Because each class is built from these blocks, you very quickly get the feel for how a class will go regardless of length. For example, a 25-minute class will consist of five blocks. A 45-minute class will consist of nine blocks. And so on…

You always know what’s coming. Nothing is a surprise and even when you’re dying in a class, you know you’re only doing a particular move for 20 seconds at a time. Physically, the classes are incredibly tough (and can be made tougher with modifications like adding ankle weights) but mentally, because of the set up, they’re not bad to get through.

A 30-minute class, for example, might look like cardio, arms, legs, glutes, abs, and planks.

I can tell that this was created by a type a woman. I always spend my workouts calculating how much time I have left (I’m halfway to halfway, I have 85% to go, etc…) and with the block set up, it’s like all the mental math is done for me.


You can take virtual classes on your phone or desktop and they currently have an in-person studio pop up in NYC (writing this in June 2024).

The virtual classes is a la carte, but they also create schedules and challenges you can follow on your time. I like that I can search for classes depending on my day (do I have a big chunk of time to work out? am I traveling and need a body weight only class because I have no equipment? did I sleep terribly and need to find a class without cardio blocks?) but I can also follow the weekly schedule they release and take any and all decision making off the table.

I would recommend, if you’re just starting out, to jump into one of the programs so you get a good feel for it. I loved the 42 day transformation challenge. It took about a week to get the hang of the classes and about 14 days to start feeling stronger and about 30 days to see some changes in my physique.

I polled my IG audience last week and I’m answering some of your questions below:


Nothing about the actual workouts is that groundbreaking, you won’t be surprised by any of the moves. It’s more the set up of the class. The… method 😉 I really like the breakdown of the classes with the blocks. I struggle to find the motivation to do workouts longer than 30 minutes while at home, but the longer Soto classes fly by. They’re really quite challenging but set up in a way that is doable and motivating.

I absolutely loved the results of BBG (now known as Sweat), but man I dreaded every single workout. I really love in person barre classes and would love to go to pilates, but the price of classes add up and it’s harder to commit to with two kids now. I also haven’t done too many of the Peloton classes outside of spinning (which I love)– so I can’t compare exactly.

Right now, I’m loving Soto and will continue to do various challenges while also mixing in some of the things I like outside of the app– there’s a barre class on Monday I love at my gym and I’m going to take a Peloton spin class or two every week too.


Another huge benefit of Soto is that you don’t need a ton of equipment. There are even bodyweight classes you can do without any equipment at all. While I haven’t taken every class offered on Soto, here is a list of the equipment I’ve needed so far. We had everything from our at-home pandemic workout days!

Light weights (1, 2, 3, 5, 8 pounds)

Resistance bands

A yoga mat

Sliders (I just use a dishtowel if I’m at home though)

Ankle weights


I have mostly been doing the classes at home and mostly just with Rory with me (who isn’t mobile yet!). I think it depends on your kids though. Nothing is dangerous and it doesn’t take up too much space (you really just need the space of a yoga mat) so if you have a normal sized playroom, you could definitely get away with working out right there!

And yes! This is a great workout to do in a gym setting! When I’m not at home, I’ve been bringing the boys to my gym because they have babysitting for while I workout…. Again, you only need the space of a yoga mat and not too many pieces of equipment. My only real piece of advice, depending on your gym, is to make sure you have everything you need before you get started! (I forgot to get a resistance band once and had to dart to the next room to grab one to finish the workout.)

Another huge benefit of Soto that I think works particularly well for moms is that it’s so adaptable. It’s flexible. It doesn’t require a lot. You can squeeze in a 25 minute workout at home if that’s all you have. You can commit to doing a 42 day transformation if you want a challenge.


I did, but I wasn’t thinking about sharing the photos. I’m wearing underwear in it so I won’t share them here. I definitely see a difference though. More than how I look, it’s how I feel. Wow! I feel so much stronger. That’s another benefit of the blocks– the workouts largely remain the same. Your ability to move through blocks with more ease, more speed, more weight is where you really can tell the difference. I have a long way to go before I’m at a place where I’m really happy, but for four months postpartum after a challenging pregnancy? I’m thrilled with the results.

Enough to keep going, which you know is the best sign of all!


YES. Trust me. I was out of shape when I started. In fact, I think you could do this as a workout even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or picked up a hand weight. It will be hard. With the virtual classes, you can pause the video at any time and because it’s set up in blocks, you can take things one block at a time! I also really like that the class is based on time, not reps. This also makes it nice so you can take the class with a friend or partner and not hold each other back. You can track your progress that way too as you will be able to do more reps the stronger you get over time. One of the key principles of Soto is just taking things one second at a time– when you feel like you can’t do it anymore… can you push for another second.


You know your body best and I would recommend consulting with your doctor. For postpartum, absolutely wait until your doctor clears you to work out though and if you’re concerned about something specific you may be better off working with a professional in person to get on track before attempting virtual workouts on your own.

Interested in giving it a try? You can use the code CARLYMONTH to try Soto Method for one month free (select monthly)

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Ok I started it and am three work outs in. It is kicking. My. Ass.

Did you have to stop the videos a lot to catch your breath? Feeling discouraged.


You inspired me to start SOTO and I love it! It’s so so hard but i love having the guide to follow. I even attended the pop-up in NYC and i highly recommend. I thought it was even harder in person and Hillary is so nice and welcoming.


Thank you for sharing this! I saw your comment about Soto Method in another earlier post and for the last 10 years I’ve battled everything from Lupus to a double mastectomy for breast cancer. I used to be in great shape but over the last 10 years I’ve gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence. I knew I needed something, but all the other workout programs were too hard to stick with given how out of shape I am and honestly how much my body hurts some days. This has been really great. I am doing the 25 min or less Transformation program, and some of the workouts are only 5 or 10 min. While I don’t expect to see physical change with a 5 min workout, I do find it’s gotten me into the habit of working out. Even 5 min of dedicated time has changed my routine for the better. Once this cycle is done, I’m going to do the 30 minute transformation program, and then work my way up from there. I appreciate your honest about your new mom body and that you’re not sugar coating how easy/hard it is. The internet needs more people like you! 🙂


totally going to try it!!! I have expecting and empowered app subscription (don’t get lol it’s not very good) / I have an unlimited yoga studio membership they do heated yoga, barre, sculpt but I love that this is challenging AT home. it’s tricky to get away from my baby at times for a studio class. also as a outside stranger, I think you look really good! I gained too much weight in my pregnancy (55 lbs before water weight gain. had I gained a reasonable AMT I would be at my goal I think by now) and am almost 11mos PP and still have 15 lbs to go to be up 8lbs from my pre preg weight 🫠🥴. I care less about that # than amount of overall muscle. I have lost 10.5 inches off of everywhere. NO ONE mentions how you just lose masses of muscle over the year of pregnancy. It stinks. I knew about shoe sizes potentially changing bc of your blog.

I heard: I used to work out for vanity now I work out for sanity lol and I relate to that.