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I’m really excited to share with you one of College Prepster’s newest sponsors. I’ve known about Chloe + Isabel for a while (and even worked with one of their merchandisers way back when). It’s been really incredible to see how the company has evolved and grown over the years.
One of the cool things about Chloe + Isabel is that it’s a company dedicating to helping women establish their own little businesses. Chantel Waterbury started Chloe +Isabel to give young women an opportunity to build their resume and their bank account in the fashion industry.  She paid her way through college in direct sales and made her career working with industry’s heavyweights like LVMH, Target, Gap, and Macys.  Because of her experience, she is passionate about offering financial opportunities for college aged women and loves to watch them grow into whatever career path they choose.
There is a specific program for college students. It’s a fun and flexible opportunity in the fashion industry with special team dedicated to college students so you always have a team behind you to help you be as successful as possible.
Chloe + Isabel’s GEM program is dedicated exclusively to college aged women and provides added training and focus on building resumes for young women who want to launch their career in a meaningful way. Campus Merchandisers learn how to run their own on-line and in person business gaining experience in sales, marketing, social media, customer service and more. 
A few perks of the program:
Make 30% commission on all personal sales
Earn unlimited free jewelry
Shop the jewelry collection at 30-50% off
Create your own personalized e-boutique
Get access to corporate internships and letters of recognition for C+I executives
You can use your own blog and use social media network to promote their jewelry business. 
Merchandisers build your resume through Chloe + Isabel training academy which teaches marketing, sales, social media, networking and more.
I was just talking to a few interns/students in the city the other day about the importance of learning hard business skills while still in school. Even if you’re just doing something small, the lessons and principles you learn are invaluable. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in (well, almost)… business skills will always come in handy. There’s no better place to learn that than during college. Who knows what it could turn into! I always say how glad I am that I started my blog and ultimately my company while still in school. Everything I was learning in class was contextualized!

Find out more about the program and how you can get started here!


PS Chloe + Isabel represents two best friends and the notion that opposites attract. Chloe stands for the daring trendsetter and Isabel is classic and refined. How cute is that?

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