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This is such a fun sponsorship announcement. Seriously, I’m always inspired by these companies started by young women. The entrepreneurial spirit is something that’s super close to my heart!
Gina Made It was started by (you guessed it!) Gina! She has curly hair and started making headbands to keep her hair back. Her younger sister also started wearing her headband creations and people would ask her where she got it. Her response was, “Gina made it!”
I love it!
Gina Made it has both headbands and Bun Bows.
You can get the headbands in either the signature ribbons and in leather too!
I have been wearing headbands more often and tend to gravitate towards them during the summer with the humidity. (Curly hair and humidity are not friends.) I like that the leather bands wrap around your head and can be worn with sunglasses!

These bows for under buns have been super popular. I keep seeing people everywhere with them. I also like how you can wear these as bracelets. (I’ve only seen barretes before, so it’s cool that these are elastics!)
Aren’t these hair accessories cute???

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Taylor Knittel

I would definitely wear one of the bows as a bracelet! I'm not so much for the bun bow style, but I love them as bracelets!