Shorts + Pumps

Two things are true right now. I’m loving that we don’t have to wear long pants anymore (#thankgoodness) and I am loving my newfound appreciation for heels. While I may not be the most graceful high heel wearer in the world, I’m getting a little bit better. (I only almost-sprain my ankle twice a day… oy.)
I do love the feeling of standing a little taller and having that “oh ya, here I come” walk. It’s a little bit slower than normal, of course… but, again, I’m working on it.
This past weekend, I attended a brunch hosted by Sail to Sable and Annie Griffin with Mackenzie. I changed my outfit plans for that day twice a day leading up to the brunch. But then, the morning of, I changed my mind again. After a few desperate text messages to Mackenzie begging for advice (true story), I settled on what is now my favorite weekend brunch outfit.
Shorts and pumps typically doesn’t sit well with me. Sometimes that combination can come across as cheap. But wedges seem to work and now I think that pumps with thick heels work too.

A simple long sleeve t-shirt, a chunky pearl necklace, silk shorts, and Etta pumps.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to wear a dress or a skirt, but need to look a little bit more pulled together. I really think that the pumps and shorts thing is going to be great throughout the rest of spring and into summer.

How cute are these combinations?

Vacationland Silk Shorts + Novasi Sandal

Tucker Printed Shorts + Violet Etta Pumps

Striped Linen Shorts + Shocking Pink Sandals

What do you think of shorts & pumps? Would you (do you) do it?


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