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MyClothingHelper is the
clothing care product that keeps track of what you wear. Use MyClothingHelper
to track when you last wore an item or outfit, how often you wear a particular item, or
to keep track of the freshness of clothes
you can wear more than once between cleanings. By tracking clothing wear you’ll
prevent repeat-wears, vary your wardrobe, protect your clothes from harmful
over-washing, save time and money, and you’ll become a smarter shopper.
I’m pretty good, for the most part at keeping track of what I’ve worn. The only two things I sometimes forget are blazers!!! I don’t wear them that frequently, and I don’t get them dry cleaned after every wear. If they’ve been in my closet for a while and I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn it, I end up dry cleaning it just in case. (Oh… there are dry cleaners everywhere in the city and I sink so much money into those places!!! Sheesh!) MyClothingHelper would definitely help!
The actual design of the product is super simple; it’s just a small card
and ribbon, the sleek, low-profile and works on any hanger.
 The product can help in a few different ways depending on your specific wants/needs.
1. Keep your look fresh by
preventing repeat-wears
 | MyClothingHelper
can be used to track the day and the
week you wore an item or outfit. The numbers 1 through 7 printed on the
ribbon can represent the days of the week.
2. Don’t over-wear your
favorite clothes. Use more of your wardrobe
| If you use MyClothingHelper to track how often you wear an item or outfit,
you’ll find out right away which clothes are your favorite and which ones you
tend to neglect. I’m definitely going to have to start doing this. I am realizing that I have my favorite sweaters and then I have sweaters I like, but don’t actually wear. Definitely a waste of space in my Manhattan closet.
3. Track clothing freshness. | Like my example above, I don’t dry clean all of my clothes after every where. Most shirts  So save the
unnecessary expense and don’t beat up your clothes by over-washing and
dry-cleaning them when they’re still perfectly wearable. 
4. Have quicker mornings  | One of the most stressful parts
of our day can be getting ready in the morning. MyClothingHelper can help speed things up. You can group outfits together at the beginning of the week and coordinate the tags on the hangers to correspond with the day you plan to wear it.
5. Be good to the environment. | By using
MyClothingHelper you prevent over-washing and that helps to conserve resources
like water and energy. You will also reduce the emission of harmful
dry-cleaning chemicals into the atmosphere. With MyClothingHelper you can help
the environment while saving time and money.
MyClothingHelper is available in packages of 7 and 24 and at under $10 it makes a great holiday gift! To learn more about the benefits of using MyClothingHelper and to find out about our free shipping offer, please visit us at MyClothingHelper: Tracks what you wear, for smart clothing care.


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I'm not sure I'm sold on how useful this is for a normal person's closet…generally I feel like if something is clean enough to be put back into the closet when I take it off, I know next time that I go looking for it that it's still clean. If something is iffy, let's be real: if it smells, don't wear it. If it doesn't, you're good.

I could see it being really useful for something like a theater's costume closet, though, with a ton of clothing that gets worn multiple times. Or maybe if you often share a stash of clothing with your roommate or sister?

Mandy Russell

This is an interesting item…I've never seen something like it before. I read a trick somewhere to turn your hangers a different direction once you wear something then at the end of the year all of the items that weren't worn should probably be sold, donated, etc. I think I may try it for 2013!

Saguaros & Stilettos


I LOVE this! Oh my god, I need this. I have a whiteboard that I use to plan out my outfits for the week, which I do each Sunday. I'm pretty good at washing/repeating, but these are also just cute! I'm sure this could also be a DIY project though…thanks for the great post!!

Julia D.

I'm still waiting for someone to design Cher's closet system from Clueless in real life, but in the meantime this isn't a bad substitute. I especially love the idea of #4.