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I’m really excited to announce College Prep’s newest sponsor.  School House is a socially responsible fashion brand for college apparel.
The entire mission of School House is just great.  I actually first heard about the brand while studying.  It was mentioned in one of my business school textbooks!  I’m really impressed with the company as whole for a couple of reasons.  1) It was started by a SUPER SMART and driven recent (2007) graduate of Duke University and 2) it’s actually making a difference.
Here’s some more information about the company!

Made in America + Ethical Fashion: School House is now proudly Made in America, and we pay a fair and living wage to talented apparel workers in here in North Carolina and are supporting job creation in our home state. Additionally, we’re greening our supply chain by working with east coast suppliers that reduce shipping waste and cost and creates quicker turns for our customers. 

I’m so in love this cardigan!

and this retro-inspired shirt!
I suggest liking School House on Facebook because hey’re giving away free School House gear to Facebook friends every Friday in their Fall Fashion Giveaway.  Just answer a simple fashion question, and they award one lucky winner with free gear.


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I have some School House stuff designed for my college & I love it! I have a tote bag, a cute shirt, a sweatshirt and even cute boy short underwear that I love! Congrats on the sponsorship!


I got so excited because of the Buff State cardigan you posted – I thought that suggested they'd have products for all the schools within the SUNY system. Unfortunately, my university isn't represented. I love the products, though, I hope Stony Brook University gets added at some point!