I’ve never really been into ripped jeans.  I had a pair in high school that I think I wore, like, twice.  I do have a pair of super baggy boyfriend jeans from Gap that are somewhat distressed, but they’re totally my wear to the library for ultimate comfort jeans.
I typically associate the distressed jean look with the whole Abercrombie 101 look…. but when I ran across this picture of Elle Fanning on Tumblr, I was taken aback by how relaxed and put together her outfit looked.  By themselves, a super loose white tee or super distressed jeans just don’t really work.  But somehow together, they’re surprisingly… in sync.
What are your thoughts?
I searched a bit and found some jeans I actually thought looked cute distressed and similar white tops like Elle is wearing.
Again, I’d really typically not be into this look…. but I am.  Hmmm…

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I like the second look you put together but I don't know if I would be able to pull the distressed look off! I'm definitely more of the preppy & polished type.



I'm not big into the distressed look. Some of my friends are, but I just like the more clean cut looking styles even on lazy days- I'll do more of the skinny jeans with a tunic or sundress.

Legally Brunette Kate

I know what you mean…I'm normally not huge on the distressed look, but every so often I see a girl pulling it off really well and I start to rethink that position. But Elle looks really cute here. I bought a pair of kind of distressed boyfriend jeans from Lucky and I've been wearing them a ton.

alexandra lauren

Distressed jeans are a big no for me, mainly because I can't even wear them to school (no rips are allowed in our dress code). I just don't even own a pair…

Tallahassee Belle

I would never go out of my way to buy ripped jeans, but if my jeans did rip from use, i would definitely try this outfit out (either with black ballet flats or desert boots).


Felipa Villegas

I have a pair of distressed jeans that I wear with my Steve Madden Riding Boots and a circle top/flowy top and no accessories since the jeans have plenty of attention. I'm more of a dark pair of jeans kind of girl from William Rast, Dylan George and 7 For All Mandkind {Amazing fits, especially thru the thighs} and all in boot cut and the occasional jeggings.


I kind of think distressed is a little, Abercrombie for me. I can't put my finger on quite what it is, but they're just not my thing. However, I do agree that Elle looks fantastic in them.