Windows Champion Program

Recently, I was asked to join the Windows Champion program for bloggers!  The premise of the program is that I’m given a PC to use for a year.  Over the course of the year, I’ll do a few sponsored posts about my experiences with the PC.  As always, I’ll continue to be completely honest.  My reviews will be based on exactly how I feel!
That’s the computer they sent me!!!  A Sony Vaio with Windows 7.  I’m actually blogging right now from it.
Normally, when I get emails from PR companies trying to send me something, I send an automated response.  I was intrigued by the Windows Champion program for a few reasons:

1) My macbook is getting really old.  I got it after high school graduation… and I’m entering my senior year of college.  Thankfully, my macbook does have a little more life in it.  Eventually I’m going to have to get a new laptop.  I’m definitely leaning towards another Mac right now, but I am interested to see if a PC would be better!
2) PCs have such a bad reputation I think.  You know those commercials “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” where the PC is an old outdated man???  That is the impression that I have of PCs still!  This Sony seems hardly outdated!
3) In the business school program I’m in, they don’t really like Macs.  In fact, a lot of my core classes require that we use programs that are simply not available on Macs.  I opted out of partitioning my hardrive to run Windows on my Mac.  Instead, I got a netbook… but it’s way too small to run intense Excel spreadsheets.
So those are the reasons I decided to test out the PC for a year.  I’m really excited to see how it goes!!!
Here are likes/dislikes so far:
LIKES: 11.6 screen, super lightweight, Windows 7 snap screen thing, Live Writer (so cool!!!!  much easier than writing a post in blogger!), pinning programs to the bottom bar
DISLIKES: Generally having to get used to Windows, right hand Shift bar is a weird place, and I’m having a hard time getting used to the trackpad
Okay, that’s what I have to say so far!  I’m curious to know… Do you have a PC or a Mac???
PS Thank you Windows for asking me to participate!  Thank you also for the loaner laptop!!!

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MACC!!! and i love my mac sooo much i dont think i would ever switch…i do think your points are intriguing but altogether i just like the way macs work and look better…however i have to say im not doing any intense work like you are!


I bought an HP because it was required for our business school and I had always had a PC – but then I went to college and everyone had macs despite the fact the business school required HPs. So junior year I bought a mac for fun and my HP is still used for business classes and homework. Cool program, glad you're enjoying the Vaio.

xx Emily @

WholeHeartedly Hannah

I'm actually the opposite of lots of people- my dad works in IT and used to be all about Mac, but as we got older he transitioned our family to PC because most of the "real world" runs on Windows. So as far as current computers go, I'm definitely more used to PC, but I would definitely try a Mac if I got the chance!

Have a great time trying out your new laptop and congrats on being chosen for the program!



MAC! But I wish you luck with your new PC… I heard that Windows 7 isn't so bad ;o)


I'm definitely a vaio girl. I like the fact that it has some similar features to the mac (such as vaio gate). I was thinking of a mac when I bought my new laptop, but for the same screen size it would cost twice as much, they may be nice, but definitely not twice as nice!

Legally Brunette Kate

I love my macbook pro…I got it in late 2009 and it's still going strong. I really couldn't imagine using another computer. I was originally concerned that my law school exam software wouldn't be compatible, but software developers have increasingly been writing software to work on macs, so it's not a problem.


I'm afraid with me it was once you go mac, you never go back :/ I think I'm bias though because the PC I got for my high school graduation went kerplunk within a month of my freshman year of college and I lost a lot of important things. And at the same time, my Macbook I got right after that is still working four years later! Plus I work in a Mac office so I'm not sure I could get used to using Windows and home and Macs here at work… But I'm glad you're trying it and will be able to report back to us!!


It would be very, very difficult to attract me back to Windows after having been primarily a Mac user since 2005. Even though Windows 7 does look like it's made a lot of big strides for PCs, I love absolutely everything about my MacBook Pro and I don't see myself switching anytime soon. It'll be interesting to see what you think about the Vaio, though!

Katherine Diane

In high school I had a Dell laptop…but senior year I got a MacBook (the black one) and I have never looked back. I love it! It's getting old, but still works pretty well. I would defiantly recommend a Mac to all my friends.

I look forward to reading about your Vaio experience.


My experience with PC vs. Mac was is very similar to yours Carly, but opposite in terms of what I started out with and what I switched to. For graduation, my dad bought me a Sony Viao and I used it al the way up until my junior year of college. The problem with the Viao was I had to replace the hard drive twice and lots of other things, and I also lost a lot of photos and important school papers. I finally switched to a Macbook last April and love it so much, so I probably wont ever go back to a PC. Although I've had a few problems with my Mac, mostly cosmetic ones from the design of the new generation Macs. The thing that will keep me coming back to Apple is their great customer service and AppleCare.

*the girl*

I've always had a PC. I come from a PC family. I currently have a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista. I have an iPhone though and I've always secretly wanted to update to a Mac. I've always had such issues with my PCs, whether crashing, or a fan problem with the Vaio or general slowness that I feel that Mac people never complain about. That's cool that you're participating in this program! I think you will get used to the PC quick, although they certainly aren't as user friendly as Apple products, I've found after getting an iPhone.


I have a PC laptop (that likes to freeze, kick me off any wi-fi connection I'm on, etc…). My next laptop will be a Mac for sure!! I <3 my iPhone and I'm sure I'll love a macbook just as much!! Now I just need to find one for a good price…

Sarah Brooke

I couldn't live without my Mac. I've been using Macs since 2006 and I don't think I'll ever go back. Like others have said, they just seem to last longer and work quicker. Definitely worth the extra money!


I absolutely am a Mac person! Mine is about 3 years old now and is still perfect! (and I am an economics major running huge data sets on it!) I am also in love with my iPad!

katie lake

I got a MAC for my 21st birthday because I was a graphic design major. At that time they were still a little more expensive but nothing compared to today. Six and a half years later (!!!) I am still using my iBook G4. I have replaced my harddrive and updated my operating system. I now need a another new operating system to be able to update to things such as the latest version of adobe flash.

I love my MAC but here's the thing. I am a grad student and there is no way I can justify spending $2,000+ on a new computer so my next computer will likely be a PC. I have been looking at a few Dells and HPs which I could get for about $600. I am hoping to purchase sooner rather than later since my MAC is running so slowly and is unable to run/update programs.


This sounds like a really cool program; I'm a Mac girl, so I'll be interested to hear your opinions, Carly! Also, the Live Writer thing sounds super cool.

madras 'n pearls

I had a really bad Mac experience and have had PC's ever since… I would be hard pressed to spend the money on another Mac when we can each have a new laptop for less or the same price. Interested to check out Live Writer…


I am a Mac..and proud of it! After having a PC and switching to a mac I could never switch back. To me, the product, the customer service, and the design keep me a huge fan!! I have had zero problems with my macbook pro!


I have had both a Mac and a PC and I will never ever go back to a PC. To me, my Macbook Pro is so much more user friendly than my PC. I do agree about how some classes require windows programs, but I think Apple does a good job with giving you options on either purchasing Microsoft programs or saving your files in the Microsoft form.

Katy Z

I have a PC, Dell. I've had Dells growing up and then I had an IBM Thinkpad in college because that's the laptop my school recommended and there was on campus support for. I had it for 5 years, but then an external part started breaking so I got a Dell laptop. I definitely think I like PCs better. I have an iPad and I really like it, but I think that's all I need from Apple. They both have pluses though. My dad is a big computer dork and his business has a lot to do with programming and he hates Macs. They don't typically have as much power as PCs and just can't do the heavy stuff. But they're great from the creative end of things. Definite pluses for both!


I have the exact same computer (last year's version) and I love it! it is the perfect size and has never let me down! enjoy!


Carly, I am a vaio user myself, I have the 13 inch version of what yours looks to be. Its been a great computer. I think that what you will find is that in the business world (I am a banker) there is still a divide among Mac or PC but there is a heavier leaning towards PC with some exceptions. In fields that are traditionally viewed as more creative like marketing or advertising there is a pretty wide use of Mac products. In other sectors like finance, accounting and manufacturing there is still a very high concentration of PC's. There are of course exceptions and personal preference is most important but it is nice having continuity between work and personal systems. Have fun with your Vaio and have a great senior year!!!!!