Spring Break is Over!

I know, I know.. I’ve been gone for so long!  I’ve really tried to keep up with everyone else’s blogs though.  I cannot begin to tell you how crazy this past week has been.

Spring training is an intense week of eating, sleeping, team bonding, and, of course, rowing.  I won’t go into all of the details of each practice because we had quite a few.  We had practice twice a day.  I literally lost my voice by Monday, which is not good.  I still don’t have it back, but I’m hoping it’ll come back before Saturday when we have our first race!  
The heavyweights host a Talent Show every year.  Some of the boys and I learned the Thriller dance and performed it.  I’m obviously the short one.  I was so embarrassed to be on stage in front of everyone, but it ended up being a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, the nice weather we had last weekend did not last.  One of the mornings it snowed while we were on the water and the temperatures were pretty low all week.  I tagged along with three freshmen who were going to the Smithsonian to see Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch which had just been unveiled the day before.  This is why I love being in the city.  It was really cool to just be able to hop in a cab and head over to the museum to see it.  
My friend got a ton of new headbands recently, so I’m going to post about those once we get a cute picture!  They’re all so adorable 🙂
-College Prepster

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So glad you’re back!!! Sounds like a successful spring break even though it was lots of work, I did see some fun mixed in. Since you have been over the years been an active talent show contestant over the years I wish I could have seen it. We certainly have had lots of them over the years, as you well know. Seeing the Lincoln pocket watch is fantastic. The first year will soon be over…it is going soooo fast! Betsy


wowzer only u could pull off the preppy-thug look! sneakers to a party? hahaha thats so not you college prepster!!! you almost had me there. U and that girl with bangs in her face look so G its scary!!!!